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Teachngs From The Angels



It is I, Archangel Razael.

I govern the gates from one reality to another. I am at the doors of Time and Space, black holes, portals to other galaxies and the inter-connecting realities. Visible and Invisible.

You do know that there are many other realities all around you, don't you? Quantum Physics now subscribes to the idea of parallel realities. There are indeed many realities all around you, some even permeating your own. They are just on different frequencies.

Liken it to when you are watching the BBC on television, there are other television stations operating, but you are not tuned into them.
You can only experience one reality at a time. You have chosen this one for this lifetime, although you may slip into others in your dream state or when you are in the alpha state of being semi awake. Some drugs also break down the barriers between the realities but that is not a natural way to do it and just forces the issue , like breaking down a door to enter a place which it is forbidden for you to enter.

As you have chosen this slice of the many realities, you have come equipped with the sensory receptors to perceive this reality and do not have those receptors which are appropriate for others. You could literally 'blow your mind'.
The safest way to explore some of the realities in the vibration or frequency closest to your own is through meditation. Then you will journey gently and slowly.
Why would you want to explore these other realities? Curiosity maybe? Like a voyager to undiscovered lands.

When you want to take these journeys of exploration, be careful. I can help you if you call upon me. Make sure that you go slowly; allow your brain to accept the changes gently.

But better still, enjoy the reality you have chosen to live in for this lifetime. Explore every nuance of it. Even a whole lifetime is not enough to explore this beautiful planet and all it has to offer on every level. There is so much to enjoy through the senses of Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell etc. So much beauty on all levels.
Soon enough you can go travelling to other dimensions. Why hurry?

You have all Eternity before you.



Dearly beloved.

It is I, Archangel Metatron. I come in peace and love. I bring you Light, Peace and Love from the higher realms.
We, of the Angelic hosts, know that you need our help right now and we are right here close to you in both frequency and location, to answer your requests for our help, support and assistance.

It is a law of the universe that we cannot interfere with your free will. But when you call upon us, of your own volition, then we are right here with you in the blink of an eye, to offer all the help we can.
You are at a point of great change on your beautiful planet. You are surely aware of this. We know that you sometimes feel powerless when you see the devastation and destruction that is happening on many parts of your world.

With your permission, when you call upon us for our assistance, we can help to make a tremendous change for the better. Why would you then not ask for our help?
Many are inviting us now and a wave of positive energy is beaming towards your world.
Be not downhearted as the tipping point has been reached. The point where you are tipping over to positivity and good rather than negativity and evil.

Remember not to judge or condemn the negativity as by doing so you give it more power. That does not mean that you condone evil. Neither can you ignore it. Remain at peace within yourself and send the situation light.
Keep your own life and your own corner clean. Hold no warlike angry thoughts. Keep connected to the highest within you, your own Divine Self. Send thoughts of love and blessings out to all, and make your contribution as a Light Bringer.

The Light WILL overcome the darkness. The process has begun and there is no going back.
Rejoice and be glad.
Peace and love to you.


Greetings! I am he/she whom you know as Archangel Raphael. He/she, because we do not need gender in this world of light ,the world of the Angelic kingdom. We do not need to reproduce, we always were and always will be. We are whole and complete. We are in Paradise.

Paradise comes from the Greek: Para=beyond. Dise=division. We are beyond separation; beyond division.

You, on the other hand, always were and always will be too, but you have chosen to experience human existence, where you are in the state of duality. Male and female. Positive and negative. Hot and cold. Here and there. Then and now. etc. 'Eating of the tree of good and evil' . (or positive and negative)

But I do not come today to speak to you of that. I come to speak of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the greatest of virtues and one of the most powerful.

As long as you hold on to thoughts of UN-forgiveness, you keep yourself in bondage. Only your ego can do this, your Higher Self (that part of you which still knows Paradise) is not interested in holding on to old grieviences and resentments. The ego loves to gnaw on old perceived hurt and pain like a dog with a bone. The ego loves to be 'right' and to see others as 'wrong'. Thereby, the ego can have an inflated sense of superiority........but does it make you happy?

Get out of ego. Raise your awareness up to the level of Higher Self where you can see the bigger picture. Let go of the perceived insults, hurt, pain, 'put-downs' or whatever your ego is gnawing on. Remember that those whom you see as having hurt you, were probably coming from the level of their own ego. They may have been motivated by fear or feelings of inferiority. But, also, remember that they were doing the best they could with the level of knowledge they had at that time. If they knew how to do it any better or differently, they probably would .

And that may just be the level of their souls evolutionary progress at the time. Try to rise above it. If you want to grow, if you want to evolve, if you want to reach enlightenment, then learn to Forgive. And remember, your souls growth is your responsibility.

Forgiveness does not mean condoning bad behaviour. Forgiveness means letting go. Let go and let God. Sometimes when you wallow in resentments, the person you are resentful towards may be totally unaware and may have forgotten or not even known of your perception of being insulted. So your resentment towards them is not affecting them one iota. But it is affecting YOU. Let it go.

Move on. That time spent in gnawing over these old perceived hurts and insults is time wasted and could be better spent in doing something to make your own life better.

And if you are finding it difficult to let go and forgive, call upon me, Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing to help you. First pray for willingness. Then forgive them and forgive yourself.

A multitude of blessings to you.





Greetings from the Angelic Realm.

I , Archangel Camael, known as the Angel of Justice, Truth and Fair Play, come to you at this time to bring you love, greetings and salutations from the Angelic Realm.

Your human existence is challenging and seems to be particularly so in these times. We are aware of that. We draw very close to you all at this time to help you to be strong to face your challenges. Old wounds and old wrongs are coming up to face the light of day and to be healed and dispelled once and for all time.

If there is any place in your consciousness where you are holding resentment and anger about wrongs which have been done to you in the past, get these old wrongs out to have a look at them. Be willing to move on, to let go of your resentments. This may need the help of a healer or therapist. Avail of the help and also call upon me to be with you to help you to have the courage to face your 'skeletons in your cupboard'.

In most cases, the person you are angry with, has no idea that your are still carrying old grudges, so they are not affected at all. But YOU are. These old resentments held and nurtured in your deepest heart are toxic and are poisonisng your life. You are losing your power to them.

This toxicity can affect your health. You deserve to be well and happy.

To be happy, you must let go. Get any and all help with this and then 'Let go and Let God'. Commend the perceived perpetrators of the wrong-doing to the god of your understanding and be ready to move on.

Stop carrying this weight on your back and travel forward to greater happiness and joy unencumbered.

We, the angels, will help you. Just ask.

Downloading joy, peace and happiness to you RIGHT NOW.


Greetings Beloved Ones.

How close we all draw to one another now. Can you not feel us around you? We, the angels, who have ever been present in your lives, draw energetically closer in vibration to you now as your vibrations are being raised in a way that has not happened for aeons. The veil between our dimensions thins. You are coming home. You are returning, vibrationally, to where you originally were.

Rejoice! Rejoice! For as you raise your frequencies, you reclaim your latent powers. You originally had all the powers that we, the angels, have. These powers have been lying dormant within your energetic blueprint. The heavy frequencies of the dense physical dimension and your dense physical bodies has contributed to your powers being locked within.

Powerful energies and light frequencies from the centre of your galaxy are bombarding your planet now. You have entered the photon belt some time ago and the light is getting brighter. This light enters every cell of your body and every fibre of your being. As the light enters, it stirs up a lot of your negative energies accrued over time. The light is entering the collective consciousness too and this is causing those who would cling to the old and the familiar to behave in sometimes violent, but always weird and unpredictable ways. That is why there is so much disturbance at this time. This has to be so. Old negative energies have to be stirred up, rooted out and discarded for all time.

After a period of clearing and some chaos, peace and calm will prevail and a new way of being emerges.
How should you deal with this? How should you behave in your life? BE CALM. Meditate when you can and stay centred and connected. Call upon us, the angels, to 'hold your hand' while the changes are going on. Keep your vibrations high by not dwelling on negativity. Stay positive. Download the light in as conscious a way as you can.

Above all, do not fear. Fear is of a very low frequency and will only serve to pull you back down every time you take a step up. And, really, if you keep aligned, what is there to fear?
Focus on LOVE. Love as unconditionally as is humanly possible.

Love casts out all fear.
We are with you. Bless you all.
Archangel Michael.



Dear Beloved.

Be excited. Change is happening; positive change. Just because it is not on your television news does not mean anything. Humanity is changing. More and more people are turning towards the light. Kindness is creeping in everywhere. Even the animals are being affected. Species that would not normally mix are not only mixing, but expressing tolerance and kindness to other species.

The younger children, have you not noticed, are a new breed of human. They are aware. They are awake. They are here to bring positive change. See it in their eyes.

That these new children have chosen to incarnate on the planet at this time should surely give hope ; hope for a new and better world. The old order is on its last legs. The old ways of being, which no longer serve mankind's greatest good are fast disappearing. Those who cling to the old ways are putting up a good fight, but a losing one.

We bring you these messages so that you do not despair. What you see around you may be causing you distress, but look deeper. Look and see with the heart. Avoid media stories and news. They may have FACTS but not TRUTH. The TRUTH is that mankind is awakening from a long sleep.

Send out your loving frequencies from your heart centres to help to precipitate this mass awakening. Soon critical mass will occur, the scales will tip and you will see a new and better world emerging.
The pain of the present crises, is the birth pangs of the new dawn.

Blessings to you all from the Angelic Realm. We are here. We are helping, supporting and protecting you.






Dearly beloved ones.

I, Archangel Raphael, bring you greetings and blessings from the Angelic Realms.

I am known as The Archangel of Healing and I bring healing to you all at this challenging time.

It is indeed a time of great challenge and change as has been prophesied throughout the ages.
For positive change to happen, the old must be first revealed, then if it is not for the greatest good, discarded. This can be a painful process, as it is human nature to hang on to the familiar, even if it is not working. You have a saying ' the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know'. From our perspective, we find this statement a bit baffling. Why any devils at all?

Humanity is growing up. You are awakening to your own divine magnificence. For too long, you have been in darkness and ignorance. The energies of this time are sweeping away the veils that kept you from seeing the truth.

Birth can be a painful experience, but look at what it leads to.......Life. I am here to help to heal that pain, to ease you through the birth pangs as you emerge into a new and more glorious reality.

Call upon me when you need me. Call upon any of the Angelic hosts to come to your assistance. It is our purpose and our pleasure.

Be at peace.



Greetings beloved Sisters and Brothers in Light.

The world needs healing.

The collective consciousness of mankind is at critical point. Every day, you hear of more and more atrocities and horror being perpetrated somewhere in the world. Madness has taken over the minds of many.
Yet, the news you do not hear is positive. It is good. Here , there and everywhere, more and more people are waking up; embracing the light and opening their hearts and minds to good.
There is a polarisation. This polarisation has been prophesied by many different religious traditions and many cultures. Some even refer to these times as 'the end times'.
This is not the end of the world, but the end of an age. The end of an age of darkness which will be replaced by an age of light, understanding and harmony.

What can YOU do?
You can choose to be a part of the new awakening. What you focus on is important. Remember, what you focus on, you get more of. Focus on the good. Focus on forgiveness, love and compassion. Condemning the bad only gives it more power. It is not that you should condone it or tolerate it. Be aware that is going on, but give your energy to the good and try to find forgiveness in your heart for the wrong-doers.

Be a part of the change. Do not just be an observer. Choose your side........light or dark?
Focus on the good you see around you. As far as is humanly possible, practice unconditional love to all. Start with your immediate circle, in the home or in the workplace. Reserve judgement and practice compassion.
Then you can see the wave of positive change sweeping across the globe.
Good times are coming. A new and better world is emerging.




Greetings from the Heavenly Host of Angels!

I am Raphael and I bring you healing for where you need it in your life. Tune in to me right now and ask for that healing.

I would heartily encourage you to make more time in your life to be still; to be quiet; to go within. Listen to the 'still, small voice'. Let not the voice of your ego be the voice that runs your life. When you feel in a turmoil, sit and breathe. Take your attention to your heart centre and be aware of the Divine Presence that resides within. All the answers, to every problem, are right there within you.

The outside is but a reflection of what is going on inside.

Happiness is truly an inside job.


Greetings Beloved.

I, Archangel Michael, bring you blessings from the Angelic Realm. The Heavenly hosts shower down their blessings upon you. We are operating from a higher frequency or reality and we observe all your comings and goings, your pleasure and your pain.

You have chosen to incarnate on the physical plane with all it's limitations and illusions. We admire your courage. Earth is a difficult and challenging school.

At this time on Earth, challenges seem to be more serious and difficult than ever before. It is as if your lessons at Earth School are now on the advanced level. You are all growing and progressing by leaps and bounds. Many of you are graduating with full honours.

You are learning the trick that it is all illusion. None of it is real despite how real it may seem. And, as you rise above the illusion, it dissolves. You CAN experience Heaven on Earth.

You sometimes begin to feel guility that your life is so good and that others are still suffering horrendously. That too is a lesson for you. The lesson is not to focus on their suffering but to see them raised in consciousnes too to a place of peace and serenity. Every time you condemn what is going on , you solidify it. Remember, what you focus on, you get more of.

So, at all times, focus only on the good. That is the only way to make change. Visualise peace. Visualise prosperity for all. Visualise kindness and charity.

And be the good you wish to see.

Countless blessings to you.


Greetings !

I am Archangel Haniel.
I am known as The Archangel of Love, Beauty and Compassion.
You have now entered a new section of your measurement of time. What you refer to as a New Year.
On the Angelic Plane and in all the planes of Reality, time as you know and measure it does not exist. You have created it. We understand why you need it and why it is important to you. And we respect where you are coming from.

You have chosen to incarnate in a situation of Space/ Time. You have chosen to explore this condition and to live within its challenges and limitations. The TRUE YOU lives outside of and beyond those limitations. And when you meditate, or when you dream at night you escape these confines and restrictions.
When you connect more with your True Self , you learn to manipulate Time; to stretch it or shrink it when you need to. You do not need to be bound by its strictures.

As you learn these things and grow, you realise how powerful you are.
Are you frightened of your own power?
Do you feel that others will feel threatened by your power or that you will no longer fit in?
Do you need to fit it? Why not STAND OUT.
Anyone who was ever great on planet Earth , anyone who made a difference, Stood Out.
Be not afraid.

Claim your inherent power and be a force for good.
Acknowledge the LOVE that is your true essence. Radiate it.
Go into your heart. Feel the Love that inhabits that place. Let it shine out from you quietly and compassionately.

You can make a real difference.
Let this be your year to shine.

With love and blessings.



I, Archangel Gabriel greet you !

You are alive at a time of massive change and MIRACLES on planet Earth. You have chosen to be here for this. Do you wonder why the planet is so overcrowded at this time ? It is because so many of you want to be here for what has been described as The Shift of Ages; the long prophesied time of change.

Your consciousness is rising, you are 're-membering'(re-cognising) your inherent powers. So many of you are becoming more clairvoyant and more psychic on so many different levels. Some of you are remembering your power to heal. You also may be more aware of your power to manifest.

At this time, because of the powerful energies entering your atmosphere from way out in the cosmos, your DNA is changing and your brains are being , as it were, 're-wired'. This may be uncomfortable for you are times. You may have unfamiliar aches and pains, you may hear buzzing or ringing sounds in your ears, flashes of light in your peripheral vision, or even visions of angels or beings. All this is in perfect accord with the changes. Do not be alarmed.

Your powers of manifestation, which you lost over the ages past, are returning. You are reclaiming your Divine Birthright. Have you noticed that this year, you only have to think of something and it occors (good and bad) or you think of a person and they either appear or they get in touch with you. This should be proof to you that something is, indeed, shifting.

So, it behoves you to be extra careful with your thoughts, your words and with what you wish for. You are re-connecting in a stronger way with your power to create.

Not only can you create for yourself, but your thoughts about the world at large have a huge effect. Try not to read the newspapers or watch the fear and dread that is being spread by the media, think of the good that is happening. Find it, talk about it, write about it in your social media. You can have such an effect. You are part of the collective consciousness; you are not an isolated individual. You are connected to, and part of, the whole. What you think and wish for and believe affects everyone.

Play your part. Think GOOD. Think LOVE. Think PEACE. Think ABUNDANCE for all. Think COMPASSION. SPREAD THE WORD !!!

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Indeed, you do make a difference whether you know it or not, so be conscious. Make conscious effort to send only positive thoughts into the grid of collective thought; the matrix that is humankind.

Be the magic. And remember to relax and have fun. You do not have to strive to change things, all you have to do is change your thoughts. We, the angels are aligning more and more with you as your vibrations change.

See you around !.........very soon.

With much love to you.


Greetings dearly beloved ones.

I, Archangel Razael, greet you. I bring you blessings from the heavenly fields of Love and Peace.

I stand at the door to Celestial Realms and invite you to enter. You may do this through your meditations. Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, allow your mind and body to settle. Feel your whole being completely at ease. Feel a bubble of Light surround you.Then call upon me to enter your space.

You may feel my presence or sense that I am around you. Do not try too hard. Connecting with me is the opposite to focussing, it is completely relaxing and opening your mind. I will join you in your bubble of light.

Then , if you wish, you may invite me to download sacred and esoteric knowledge to you. Or you may wish to receive healing from me. Or you may just wish to sit and allow our energies to meld .

Or you may decide to come on a journey with me to Higher Realms or to The Halls of Learning. It is your INTENTION that counts. We, the angels, will always honour you wishes, your intentions and your Free Will.

My wish is to help you to become Enlightened. To be more informed and inspired.

Your time with me may be as long or as short as You wish. And we may visit again and again.

The more you do this excercise, the easier it will become and I can download much esoteric information to you to enhance your understanding and enable you to help others with your new-found knowledge.

We are one in the ONE



I, Archangel Razael, Greet you.

I come with blessings and showers of positive energy and light from the celestial realms. We, the angelic kingdom, salute you. You are all amazing. Why? Because you live in a reality which is full of illusion, pain and hardship. You are overcoming the restrictions of the material world and bringing back unique experiences to Source.

You, our human brethern, have spent aeons in this physical plane. You came originally to explore and to learn, but you got stuck. You forgot who you were.

We have been helping you to wake up again. And to our delight...........and to yours too, I am is happening. You are beginning to see through the veils of illusion. You are waking up to the fact that you can change this reality. You are claiming back your divine nature.

Meditate as often as you can. Meditate on the reality of your being. You are a spirit, not a body. You live in a body. You are not humans trying to be spiritual, you are spirits living a human existence. As you remeber and reclaim your true spiritual nature, you claim back all your super powers.

You are creators. Because of your mistaken beliefs in lack and limitation, you have created exactly that.....lack and limitation of every kind. As you wake up now to your true magnificence as Children of God; Sparks of the Divine, you begin to remember your awesomeness.

Wake up. Stay awake. Do not fall back into the slumber of the ages.

We will help you. Just ask us. We need your permission to interfere directly in your lives, but, Oh, how we love to help you.

LOVE to you.




Greetings from the Angelic Hosts!

I, Archangel Cassiel, bring you Love, Light and Blessings from the realm of the Archangels. We are always around you; to help you; to guide you; to inspire you; to protect and love you.

My message for you this month is all about Nature. Nature (of which you are a part!) is all around you. Be aware of it. So many of you are so disconnected from the natural world. So many live in concrete jungles. And even those of you who actually dwell in the countryside can become unaware of the pulsing life that is all around and about you.

Nature nurtures you. Mother Nature provides the food you eat and regulates the quality of the air you breathe. You have the mighty oceans and the stars and sun and moon. You have the vegetation , the birds, the animals, the insects and the fishes. All operating in balance and harmony. Show your respect for this always.

As you connect with this balanced, pulsing energy about you, you can feel yourself become more balanced and more expansive. Communicate silently with nature by linking in with her. Listen and watch for the messages she brings you. She is always speaking to you. You just do not always hear.

I, Cassiel, am the Archangel of Nature. If you connect with me, I can also help you.

Respect nature. When you look at an insect , ask yourself the question 'who or what gave you life?' and unless that insect is actually going to harm you, think that as you did not give this creature life, do you have the right to snuff out that life? Of course you have to eat and, if you are not a vegetarian, honour the life of the animal, fish or bird that you are going to eat by blessing it and thanking it for giving it's life to sustain you.

Everything is connected to everything else.



I , Archangel Metatron, greet you my beloved ones.

My message for you at this time is to be considerate of the children around you. They are the future of your planet. What is put in the minds of young children determines what is to come and how your world will turn out.

Be sure that they are not exposed to too much violence and negativity. Monitor their play. Do not encourage games that mimic war. Be careful of the programmes on television that they may be exposed to. Keep an eye on what they are doing with computers.

Fortunately, there are some very advanced souls incarnating on your planet today. You have probably heard of or read about Crystal Children, Rainbow children etc. We would rather not label them. They are an advanced race of humans coming to change the world. They need special nurturing. If you have one of these children, remember that they chose you. So, make sure that you are aware of this honour and responsibility. Link up with other parents who have similar children and support one another to meet the needs of these special little souls. Start a school for them. Create a meeting place for them where they can connect with their own kind and where you can connect with their parents and share information and ideas to help them in their future growth and the reason they are here.

Whatever child you have; whatever level of development they are at, all children are special.

And , if you are not sure what to do with them or how to best bring them up, you can't go wrong by just giving them LOVE.



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