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Happy New Year!

Greetings !

I am Archangel Zadkiel. I bring you tidings of good things from the Angelic Realm. I am known as the Angel of Wisdom, Success and Abundance. It is also my great desire to bring Integrity into business and business dealings.

Integrity has to be the watchword of 2018 . Any endeavour, business or enterprise that is not in alignment with integrity this year will only know frustration and even failure.

Find you passion. Foster a desire to be of service in your chosen field. Embrace Integrity and your success is assured.

As you have already seen, the world is in a state of great chaos, change and uncertainty. This has to be. It is the falling away of the old paradigm which was rotten to the core. The next few years will contunue in uncertainty. But if you are aligned with Integrity you have nothing to fear. Just keep your head down, attend to your own corner of the world and you will prosper, even in the midst of apparent chaos.

Align with me and my energy, invite me to support you in holding on to your ideals. As you link in with me, be open to the promptings that I will endeavour to download to you. Meditation is one way of connecting with me. Set your intention before your meditation and my whisperings will reach down to you to uplift and inspire you. Time spent in meditation can save you hours of fruitless endeavour as you receive the guidance that can propel you forward.

Those working with Integrity , in any field, can expect a bumper harvest in 2018.

May Heavenly Angelic Blessings shower upon you and may you thrive and prosper in Love and Light.




I, Archangel Gabriel greet you !

You are alive at a time of massive change and MIRACLES on planet Earth. You have chosen to be here for this. Do you wonder why the planet is so overcrowded at this time ? It is because so many of you want to be here for what has been described as The Shift of Ages; the long prophesied time of change.

Your consciousness in rising, you are 're-membering'(re-cognising) your inherent powers. So many of you are becoming more clairvoyant and more psychic on so many different levels. Some of you are remembering your power to heal. You also may be more aware of your power to manifest.

At this time, because of the powerful energies entering your atmosphere from way out in the cosmos, your DNA is changing and your brains are being , as it were, 're-wired'. This may be uncomfortable for you are times. You may have unfamiliar aches and pains, you may hear buzzing or ringing sounds in your ears, flashes of light in your peripheral vision, or even visions of angels or beings. All this is in perfect accord with the changes. Do not be alarmed.

Your powers of manifestation, which you lost over the ages past, are returning. You are reclaiming your Divine Birthright. Have you noticed that this year, you only have to think of something and it occors (good and bad) or you think of a person and they either appear or they get in touch with you. This should be proof to you that something is, indeed, shifting.

So, it behoves you to be extra careful with your thoughts, your words and with what you wish for. You are re-connecting in a stronger way with your power to create.

Not only can you create for yourself, but your thoughts about the world at large have a huge effect. Try not to read the newspapers or watch the fear and dread that is being spread by the media, think of the good that is happening. Find it, talk about it, write about it in your social media. You can have such an effect. You are part of the collective consciousness; you are not an isolated individual. You are connected to, and part of, the whole. What you think and wish for and believe affects everyone.

Play your part. Think GOOD. Think LOVE. Think PEACE. Think ABUNDANCE for all. Think COMPASSION. SPREAD THE WORD !!!

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Indeed, you do make a difference whether you know it or not, so be conscious. Make conscious effort to send only positive thoughts into the grid of collective thought; the matrix that is humankind.

Be the magic. And remember to relax and have fun. You do not have to strive to change things, all you have to do is change your thoughts. We, the angels are aligning more and more with you as your vibrations change.

See you around !.........very soon.

With much love to you.




Dearly beloved Sisters and Brothers.
This is such an important time in so many ways; cosmically and astrologically, this time is a turning point for mankind.
We encourage you to Create, Create, Create. With these powerful energies to help you, it is like having the wind at your back as you move forward into a new dynamic: a new way of being.

You know, intellectually, that you create your reality by your thoughts. Every thought you think, whether it is positive or negative, is creating the framework of your future.
You have deliberately incarnated on to a planet of duality. This duality gives you unlimited experiences and unlimited choices. And, over eons of time, you have chosen all sorts of experiences…just for the heck of it! You wanted to know what pain would be like, or how it would feel to be hungry, or sad or abandoned or tortured or exposed to any and all of the negative elements of earthly existence. You, as part of Source, wanted to take back to Source, the experience of actually feeling and living those things. You've done it.

Now most of you want to change it, you want to experience the 'good stuff'. You can. Remember, it is a planet of choice and you are a creator. You can (and always have) chosen what you wanted to experience.

Your dominant thoughts create your life. If you are in the habit of FEAR you will attract through the Law of Attraction that which you fear. The Universe responds exactly to your frequency. If you continually talk about poverty and you focus on it…The Universe will deliver. If you think of Abundance, you will attract just that. It is all about frequency; the frequency of your thoughts.
Most of your thinking is unconscious, and thus you have less control over what you are creating. The trick is to become more conscious. As you become more conscious, you become aware of your dominant thoughts and if they are negative, you change them.

CHOOSE your thoughts. Think of the Universe as a big supermarket. The shelves are stacked full of all sorts of things, positive and negative. Some people are still choosing the negative, as they have free will.(And they are still unconscious) But you do not have to. You do not have to put anything in your shopping trolley that you do not want.

It takes discipline to observe your thoughts. How you are feeling will be a good guide. Your feelings are your Sat/Nav (GPS). If you are feeling low, that is an indication from your Higher Self that you need to change some thought you are running in your mind. The more you focus on your thoughts and become conscious and aware; you will find it easier and easier as you go along. Negative thinking may have been your default setting and you may not have been aware and your life was a continuous struggle. Now you are catching the thoughts, changing them, creating a new habit and changing your frequency. You will soon find that your feelings are of joy and you start to attract positive conditions into your life.



Greetings beloved souls!

'Be still, and know that I am God'. Now is a time for inner reflection. Time to go within and to remember who you are. As a great teacher taught 'Know ye not that ye are gods and sons of the most high'.

Take yourself out each day from the busyness and the business of life, even if just for a few moments, and link in to your own Higher Self/Divine Self. Your Divine Self is the truth of your being. The ego, which tries to run the show is the false and limited self. Yet, it is from this limited ego that most humans try to operate. Operating from what is limited can only produce that which is also limited. When you operate from the Unlimited Divine Self, then you live without limitations; life opens up and miracles occur.

Therefore, it is so very important to take time out and to remember and to connect with the Divine Self. You do not need to spend hours meditating to do this. Just sitting quietly several times a day for a few minutes while you focus on the Real (the Divine Self that is the truth of your being) soon brings you into harmony with unlimited goodness in all areas of your life.

The more you do this the better your life gets and the more you do this, the more your conscious connection to your Divine Self becomes second nature to you. You will then see your life change beyond measure. This is how to create 'heaven on earth'.

Love, light and blessings to you from the Angelic kingdom.

Archangel Raziel.




The veils are truly lifting now.

You, mankind, our beloved kindred, are finally stepping into your power. You are reclaiming the power that was lost to you eons ago. You have been cheated of your birthright. We admire you for your persistence and perseverance. We have done all in our power to help you without interfering with your free will and your right to determine your own fate.

Many of you have called out to us and that, therefore, has given us the permission we needed to come to your assistance. We have been able to protect you from some evil but not from all.

There are still many lost souls on the planet. See them around you; send them your love and your light. In sending them light you will not diminish yours but will instead fan the flame that is hidden deep within the recesses of every human heart.

Hidden wrongs and injustices are coming to the surface now. The Light is seeking out even the darkest corners. And this is just the beginning. You will see more and more happening as the year goes on.

Those of you who have kept the flame alight are finding that you are stepping more and more, back into the power that was lost to you as a species. And, as each of you reclaims that power, you impact upon the collective consciousness and the Whole/ the Oneness of Humanity is lighting up.

From where we observe it, it is a glorious sight. The light getting brighter and brighter.

We applaud you. Yours has not been an easy task. We congratulate you. We welcome you back into the fold of the Children of Light.

Yours, ever by your side, in Light and Love.

Archangel Michael.


Greetings . I am Archangel Jeremiah.
I bring good tidings.

Be not afraid. We , here in the angelic realm, know how worried you all have been of late. Particularly with powerful nations threatening one another and both of these nations having abdominal weapons of annihilation.

The Divine plan does not include annihilation of your planet or of the entire human population any time soon. Forces of good are everywhere too, and work sometimes secretly and sometimes not so secretly, to make sure that total destruction is not allowed to happen. Be aware that there are very powerful forces, seen and unseen, who work for the preservation of life and the improvement of conditions for mankind, all of nature and the planet herself. So much good is going on right now dear ones. You won't see it on your news nor in your newspapers. Not yet anyway. But it IS happening and the time is not far off when the good news will burst forth. Until then, be positive. Love one another and love Mother Earth and all the creatures who share the planet with you.

We are here, all around you, seen by some, invisible to many. But here nevertheless. Here to guide, love and protect you. We keep a cloak of Light and Divine Love around you all.

Enjoy the gift of life while you are here. Do not allow your happiness to be overshadowed by fear. For remember, Fear itself is the great enemy.

'Perfect Love casteth out fear.'

You are loved. You are love. Therefore, be that which you are.

As you read this, I shower Peace and Live upon you.


I, Archangel Raphael, bring you healing, peace and joy.

Your world today is a place of turbulence. This turbulence is being experienced in both the collective consciousness of mankind and in the lives of individuals.

The Division is taking place. The separation of the Light from the dark. In the Christian bible it talks about the separation of the Sheep and the Goats. And in the Kabbalah, the world of Woe or the world of The Blessed.

These worlds will exist side by side. If you are working with The Light, you will be protected in your own bubble of Peace while all around you chaos may reign. By the work you have done on yourself you have earned the right to be in this bubble. Those who are experiencing the chaos are being given the opportunity to grow. They have been given opportunities already but may not have taken them, so now the universe comes back with more lessons, more opportunities to wake up.

What about children you ask? Why do they have to experience the chaos? No one who is born to this earth has a blank slate. Unresolved issues from previous lives come with each soul. Earth is the school, the place of learning and sometimes lessons have to be hard before the student finally gets the message.

Keep projecting the Light in every situation. In this way you can contribute to the healing of the collective consciousness. Condemning and judging any soul will keep them in the darkness for longer and will delay your own progress.

This is a time of a big WAKE-UP CALL for humanity.

Peace be with you!


Greetings from Archangel Hanael!

I am known as The Archangel of Love. And I bring you much Angelic Love.

LOVE is the Creative Force of the universe. Love is who you truly are, you came from Love, you are Love and you will return to Love.

Sometimes you forget that this is the true nature of who you are and you entertain fear. Where there is love, fear cannot exist. So when you feel fear, bring your attention back to love again. Where is this Love? It is to be found in your heart centre. Take your attention away from your head and your mind and your brain for a few minutes, silence the mind and the thoughts and bring your attention to your heart chakra, the centre of Love that is right in the middle of your chest area.

Take a few deep breaths and be still. Feel the enrgy of the Creator all around you and know that you are not separate but intimately connected to the Creator, whose true nature is Unconditional Love. You are a part of Creator and a part of this unbounding Love.

When you feel this, you will fear fear dissolve. It has no real substance. Fear is a shadow that blocks out the light of truth and love. let go of the fear. Hand it over completely and without reservation to Creator and be at peace.

Peace and Love be with you all.

Archangel Michael has asked me to share this lovely poem by Christoper Fry with you this month. It sums up what is happening on our planet right now.

Think on it. Act on it!

The human heart can go the lengths of God.
Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now.
The frozen misery of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move:
The thunder is the thunder of the floes, the thaw, the flood, the upstart spring.
Thank God our time is now
when wrong comes up to meet us everywhere.
Never to leave us till we take the longest stride of soul man ever took.
Affairs are now soul size.
The enterprise is exploration into God.
Where are you making for?
It takes so many thousand years to wake
But will you wake, for pity's sake?





January Febuary

I, Archangel Metatron greet you!

I come from the vastness of time and space to bring you tidings of joy and peace.

You are all well aware of the uncertainty and unrest on your planet today. This is but the birth pangs of a new paradigm. Birth , for humans, has always been a painful process. You are now at the birth of a new age; a new time; a new humanity.

All that is and has been wrong with your world is being exposed. Wrongdoing and wrongdoers are coming into high visibility, so that they may be known for the truth of who and what they are. If they were to remain hidden, the situatiion could not and would not be changed.

The turmoil is not over yet, but hold fast, mighty Unseen Forces are here to help you. We pour in the light of high frequency energy to assist you all, to keep you positive and to help you to make the neccessary changes.

You must play your part too. Focus on the good; the right; the positive. Share your love when and where you can.

Do not entertain fear as that is what the worngdoers would love you to do. They love to hold you in a state of fear as then you can be controlled and they would love to bend your wills to serve their own agenda.

Try not to focus on the bad news. Be compassionate but do not give it energy. Seek out the good. There is plenty of good out there and plenty of good people. Find them; unite with them; share your love with them and create a new Family of Light. Share good news. Be a source of positive inspiration.

Stay away from negative people, places and things. Shine your light.

Call upon the Angelic Kingdom and the myriad of Light Beings who are serving at the birth of the new humanity; the new world. We are here to guide, guard and inspire you every step of the way. We rejoice to see the dawning of this wonderful new paradigm.

May blessings be showered upon you all.


Past Teachings of 2016


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