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Client Testimonials Anne Hassett


I just wanted to thank you for your time on Saturday. You were and are amazing..I gained great direction from you and your cards. The experience was hugely positive. All the wonderful recommendations about you were all spot on. You are an inspiration. Katie G. U.K

Hello Anne,
Words fail me in penning this THANK YOU note !
We Love, Admire and Appreciate all the guidance and Wise words of Advice you have given our family during a challenging period in our lives.
Am grateful to the Cosmos above for sending such a wonderful FAIRY GODMOTHER into our Lives who has over the years weaved her magic by sorting out the challenges of each and every member and gently nudging them in the right direction to take that gentle leap forward.
With your acumen you highlighted our strengths and worked through our weaknesses- while always keeping in mind Ethics and helped in analysing our situation and keeping our Focus!

This has made us take several right and timely decisions thereby minimising pitfalls. We couldn't have asked for more….
A beautiful human, an exceptional guide and a compassionate cross cultural Nurturer. In all your roles you have played over the years - there is only one word which describes you in completion - FANTASTIC!!!!
We are indeed blessed dearest Anne….As our journey continues
In humble gratitude



I really recommend Anne Acushla Hassett for readings. I rarely get a reading for myself, as mostly I can follow direct guidance from Spirit. Sometimes however it is good to ask someone else to take a look at my life and give me their view, and yesterday Acushla did a reading for me. She was really accurate in understanding what is happening in my life right now, and gave me very helpful input for the future. You can trust her to tell you the truth as she sees it, even if some of it is challenging. She was a great help to me and I highly recommend her. Helen F. U.K

Greetings and blessing to you Anne,
I just wanted to follow up with you. You did a reading for me back in July 2015 and said that I was going to have a financial windfall at the end of the year - I just got the biggest bonus from work that I have ever had........almost doubled my salary for the year!!!!! You are awesome and hit it right on the nose.
Just thought you would like the follow up
. Marcia.V.C. USA.

"I have been seeing Acushla (Anne Hassett) over the last 2 years and I have had amazing readings with her every single time! She was able to pinpoint my biggest issue without knowing anything about me: my failing marriage. She told me that I would meet a person that would help me make the transition to being on my own. I met that person (unexpectedly) and her description of him was so accurate, it was uncanny. Also the description of the events that would unfold were spot on. I am still in the process and so far almost everything she predicted has happened or is happening. Over the years I have seen many psychics but have never been as impressed with the other's readings as I have with hers. She brings it in a gentle way but with much clarity and in a strong message. I can highly recommend Anne!"
Marisa. U.K.

In 1992 you gave me an astonishing, accurate psychic reading in Denmark - just at a time of my young life (22 years of age), when I was about to enter into a new and wonderful phase; meeting the love of my life, having children, finishing one academic education and starting a new one. Just as you said. I feel so blessed and lucky in my life! Christina. Denmark.

"It was a great experience meeting you yesterday afternoon in London.
Thank you for sharing your embracing pure loving energy, so powerful and I could still feel around now.
Your messages are highly inspirational and yet answer to human needs.
It is amazing to hear messages just like in heaven, and now I am back on earth to continue the mission!"
Constance from Hong Kong.

Anne ... if you were near me now I would give you the biggest hug! I know you will never remember telling me in a reading about the man who was going to be in my life, let alone the fact that I would teach workshops .... I could never have envisiged that! You will see on my facebook page that I agreed to marry the man you told me about in Chartres Cathedral .... what a special place and your description of him was VERY accurate! He is a VERY spiritual man, but feet on the ground as well, I am so very lucky, I often think back to a cold December day in Corsham when you told me about him! xxx
Valerie. UK

I am very grateful for your phone reading last Monday. It was the most accurate reading I have ever had. I am starting to advertise for you :). I hadn't even asked you anything and you answered all my questions. Everything you said was pertinent, in line with what I was feeling but you gave me a vision for the future, support, inspiration and your kindness was very nurturing. You told me that I have Archangel Gabriel by my side. A few years ago, I was so attracted by this song about Archangel Gabriel that I was listening to it at least 30 times in a day. Thank you.
Lucia, from Slovak Republic

You told me about the power of angels and how to ask for their help! Today I saw that after asking them on a very important issue! Wow they certainly were there and wow I can't thank them enough! Thankyou to you for introducing and them for helping me! Its going exactly as you told me so far!
Karen U.K

The most amazing reading I ever had. You saw it all and confirmed so much for me. I will be back.
Angela. Croydon. Surrey. U.K

I was not sure how a reading on the telephone would work, but it was as if I was right there in the room with you. A friend told me about you and even though we never met you were able to see right into my life. What you said has helped me so much. I hope to see you when you come to Denmark. Thank you.
Neils. Copenhagen. Denmark.

Your readings are absolutely amazing and your guidance unfailing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your guidance and insight have just changed my life. Bless you.
Joan. Canterbury. U.K.

I didn't really believe in psychics until I met you. How do you get all that information? I was truly gob-smacked ! I could now become a real fan ! Cheers,
Nigel. Swindon. U.K.

I saw you recently on a trip to Uk. I had never been to a psychic before and was very nervous. The minute I saw you, my heart opened and I could not stop crying. It was as if you had looked right into my soul. The advice you gave me has already begun to change my life and the predictions you made for me are already coming true. I can not wait to see you again. With love and greatitude.
Alice Chung. Hong Kong

How do you do it? I think it is amazing that you can see so much about someone you have never met before. You saw all about the break-up of my relationship and were able to be of immense help and comfort to me at a time when I was in great distress.
You also picked up my dear departed Dad. It is good to know that our loved ones are still close to us after death. And you were right about my dog...........she DID get better.
Thank you so much.I will come again to see you.
Fiona. Ayrshire. Scotland.

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