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FOR 2019

I am not an Astrologer. Each Astrological Sign has its own Overlighting Angel . By tuning in to this Angel I get predictions for the coming year. The angels can be uncannily accurate as the client feedback has shown. Hope the following is of help to you.

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The Angels give us advice and direction for this coming year. They say it could very well be quite a challenging year for many, especially those who continue to choose to be unconscious. Unconscious regarding who they truly are ; spirit beings incarnated into physical bodies. Spirit beings acting out the their role as humans. Beings who have a responsibility to others, to the planet and to all life on the planet.

They also say that as spiritual beings, we are all connected. One one level , there is only ONE of us. We are all a part of the whole. We are connected energetically and through being part of the Collective Consciousness. We are also far more powerful than we realise. They say it is a 'wake up' time. Time to take responsibility. Time to stop being 'victims'; blaming our woes and difficulties on others. Time to grow up! But, like children, many find it easier to blame others for their misfortunes. By blaming others we do not have to take responsibility or to do anything to change our condition.

As each one of us takes charge of our lives and work through our challenges to master those challenges, we do it for the whole. And one of the main reasons we are here on the planet is to grow and learn and each of us to become Masters.

2019 will offer us many opportunities to learn and grow if we have not done so already.

We can expect financial, political and climatic upheaval. We have already experienced a taste of that.

Banking systems could undergo massive change due to re-organising of the whole monetary structure. As more photon light pours in on our planet, it shows up the darkest areas; the abuse of power and money. The abusers can expect to be shown up and discovered. New monetary systems could appear and get off to a slow ad uncertain start before growing in confidence and in acceptance.

Politically, expect some massive shake-ups. If you think that the last couple of years have been shaky, as one famous politician once said 'you ain't seen nothing yet'!

Climatically, earth has more challenges to come. The innuits, observing changes in the stars in their sky , believe that the electro-magnetic poles of earth have shifted and they believe that this is the cause of our changing weather patterns.

New influences in media personnel at the highest level are likely to cause greater accountability for what the media pours into our consciousnesss on a daily basis. Expect to see some improvement.

How to navigate the uncertainties is to be a beacon of light in all your endeavours. Work with honesty and authenticiity. Try to remain positive in all circumstances . Take responsibility in the big and the little things. Be responsible for avoiding conspicous consumerism. Share what and when you can with others, especilly those who do not have a lot.

Keep your own inner 'house' clean.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Before the new year really gets going, get your goals and visions for your life as clear as possible. On any journey we make, we need to be clear of our destination.
Decide on whatever 'baggage' you need to leave behind. Take a good look at people, places and things that no longer serve you and ask yourself the searching question, do you really need to carry these situations or people into your future life?

As you prune, you make room for the new. And 2019 promises to be a year of new things, new people and new opportunities popping up for you many, many times during this coming year.

It is a good time to change your work or start up a new business, especially in the Spring. Your business will be especially successful if you are dealing with that which is tangible; property, hands-on items , material goods or metals.

Love life for may of you needs to be addressed and personality conflicts ironed out. If you feel those conflicts can not be ironed out, then you may need to look at alternative arrangements. This is a year for you to get really clear on who you are and what you want.

For those of you involved with children. old people or pets, you will find that there are extra demands on your time, especially during the Summer and Autumn months of 2019. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

As well as your own special Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael is offering to be there to give your extra support, guidance and help.

Long lost friends turn up out of the blue and old relationships get a new lease of life. Old Flames could also be rekindled.

LUCKY NUMBERS : 3. 8. 19. 33

LUCKY PLACES: For Love and Leisure, Luxembourg, Thailand, Singapore.
For money and business, Norway. China. England.


After the excesses of the festive season, many of you may need to address your life style. Seek out some dietary advice and find an exercise routine that you feel you can stick to. Get out in nature whenever you can, especially by the sea or large bodies of water.

Find time in your daily routine to fit in some meditation. And find a meditation technique that you really feel comfortable with. It will help your health and wellbeing as well as calming your mind and sharpening your memory and mental faculties. It will also give to time to connect with Your Higher Self and your Spirit Allies.

For those of you not in a committed relationship, this looks like a year when you can find lasting love. Go gently into it. There is no rush, let the relationship gently unfold. That's half the fun of it......getting to know one another. And for those already in committed relationships, there could be a strengthening of your ties, as shared events bring you closer together.

Family quarrels need to be avoided. Stay away from taking sides or giving your opinion about other family members. Once you are drawn in , its never so easy to back out, so don't get involved in the first place.

For the self employed, work pressure is high, but there is also a great chance of making more money that usual. For those employed, many of you will see changes at the top. These changes will filter down the line and should improve the overall job satisfaction. Again , do not get involved in 'politics' at work; taking sides or joining factions. Things will work themselves out without your input.

Archangel Muriel is giving you special guidance and attention in 2019

Children bring joy to many Taureans this year and some of you will be rejoicing in new babies , either for yourselves or for loved ones.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 5. 6. 18. 42
LUCKY PLACES. For Love and Leisure, Turkey, Myanmar, Spain.
For work or business, Azerbaijan. Germany. U.S.A


Take it slowly for the first six weeks of 2019. Get your bearings and orient yourself. Make a list. What do you want to achieve? Where do you see yourself going? Plan. Be creative about your goals and don't limit yourself .

Your own Guardian Angel is at your side to help you and you are also receiving guidance and support from Archangel Jeremial.

Love life provides choices. Single Geminis have new possibilities to choose from. Why not date them both until you really get to know them before you make any commitments. And for those Geminis who are in relationships and may feel tempted by attractive new admirers. Stop and think before you make any huge mistakes.

Work looks exciting and variable for many of you in 2019, with opportunities flowing in from unexpected sources. Especially for Geminis in Creative fields. Geminis in the hospitality or catering industry should benefit from golden opportunities this year. Be careful of excess, either in work or leisure. Try to pace yourself.

2019 for most Geminis is all about excess. Too much of everything; being spoiled with many choices. Self discipline will be called into play as will having a clear idea of what you actually want. Some say 'you can have it all' , but there is a high price to pay for that and your health could suffer. Watch your energy and when it is running low, find a way to replenish it.

Having said that, do enjoy the cornucopia of possibilities coming to you this year. And remember to stash away any extra cash that comes your way too. Invest it wisely.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 22. 27. 32. 39
LUCKY PLACES: For Love and Leisure , Italy. Belgium. Hong Kong.
For business. New Zealand. Japan. France


Early in the year you could very well be slowed down by seasonal colds or flu. To avoid this , make sure you are taking your supplements, especially Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.

If you are thinking of relocating your home or workplace, this is an excellent year to do so, but do your research and plan well. Listen to what your heart tells you rather than the voices in your head. The voices in the head most often come from old programming and the opinions of others. Follow your heart.

For many of you , there is much more travel than usual, so you may have to emerge from your crablike shell a little bit more. You are always safe, especially as you always have your Guardian Angel by your side and this year you have drawn in Archangel Uriel to steer you through the year.

Loved ones are likely to need some assurances from you. Be extra aware of their needs, especially in romantic partnerships. If you, yourself, are needing reassurance it may be time to take a look at your beliefs about your self esteem or self worth and to get help to change some fundamental old programmes. For some Cancerians there will be endings and new beginnings in the partnership area.

Job changes are likely for the employed and expansion and extension are on the cards for the self employed. If you are running your own business you should be gratified by your success. Most of all, believe in yourself, you can do it.

LUCKY NUMBERS. 4, 14, 26, 39
LUCKY PLACES. For love and leisure. U.K especially Scotland. Netherlands and India.
For business; Australia, Korea and France.


Your recent challenging times have taught you a lot and you are now about to put that new-found wisdom to your advantage. Advantage and Adventure are your key words for this coming year, especially around the summer months and in particular your birthday month.

Your love life, if single , could be complicated. Full of variety and choices. If contemplating commitment this year, think not only twice but three times ! Call upon your own Guardian Angel for signs and omens and also call upon Archangel Gabriel who will do everything to bring you messages of guidance and direction. For the majority of Leos in committed relationships , things look settled and generally quite cosy. Avoid boredom by keeping the flame of the original romance alive. Married Leos would benefit from taking time out to 'date' your spouse at least once a month. Boredom does not help any relationship.

For the self employed , business opportunities abound in the first three months and again in the Autumn. Offers of partnerships come your way. Use wisdom and discretion before taking on partnerships. Foreigners, foreign money or foreign products all bring opportunities for profit.

Employed Leos move up the ladder. And for those Leos born in July, job changes are indicated. Foreign places, companies or products benefit you. Senior Leo employees may be head hunted . If you are born in August your job success is under some lucky auspices.

More than one nice surprise pops up in the family. But older relatives could be a concern. Pets cause concern too. Vetinary bills could be high.

LUCKY NUMBERS : 8. 17. 24. 33
LUCKY PLACES: For love and leisure. America, USA or South America. Germany. Greece.
For business or trade: England. Malta. South Africa.


Start off this year as you mean to go on. Take no more nonsense from anyone. It is time you stopped being the scapegoat for some people. Value yourself; then others will value you too. Remember, we are a product of our beliefs. Take stock of the people in your life and gently remove yourself from those who do not emotionally support you. Offload the 'takers'.

If you have been feeling a bit out of sorts of late, maybe you need to take a look at your life in a bit more depth. See a Psychic or Astrologer. Go on a Spiritual Retreat. Or just take time out on your own, away from everyone and everything familiar , and take a good long look at your life.

Make time to nourish your spirit, maybe go on a retreat or to a place which nourishes you. Treat yourself to the occasional massage and don't feel guilty about it ! Learn to receive. As you receive you will have even more to give.

Archangel Ariel is here to support you in 2019 as well as your very own Guardian Angel who is always with you. Take time to sit and meditate to connect with your guides, angels and Higher Self.

Love life looks awesome for most Virgos in 2019. Don't block it. That is where the learning to receive will be most useful. many of you in long term relationships will be celebrating and seeing the flame of your original passion glow again. But there are some Virgos this year, who will have to decide to move on. If it is not working, it is like the story of Humpty Dumpty " All the King's horses and all the King's men can not put it back together again". Call on your guides and angels for guidance and courage.

It is a good time to learn new things, either formally by going on a course, or informally by reading more and watching inspiring YouTube inspirational and educational videos.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 9.11. 28.44
LUCKY PLACES: For Love and Leisure. Croatia, Slovenia. Israel.
For Business : Denmark. Scandinavia generally. Singapore. Thailand.


So many of you will feel like you are magnets for money in 2019, particularly those of you who dare to venture forth in business. If your business is related to dealing with the needs of the public , you draw them in like never before and they want to spend their money with you.

If you work in the service area or in the medical world, you could be offered a better job. And, if you are self employed this is the year to stretch yourself, push the boundaries.

The Archangel who wishes to connect with you is Archangel Haniel. Your own personal Guardian angel is always with you. If your angel whispers to you to give more to reputable charities , you will help a very worthy cause and the rewards will come back to you in untold ways.

Those of you involved with the education or care of children or young people will have more than one reason to celebrate. Kwan Yin, the Chinese Buddhist goddess of compassion takes a particular interest in your work with the young minds and she will help when invoked.

Treat close loved ones with great tenderness and care in the Springtime as they will be going through a vulnerable patch. You may have to sacrifice your time to attend to their needs. On the romantic side, there could be some confusion though lack of clear communication. Some dialogue between you is essential. Remember the word 'relate' and 'communicate' are synonymous. .....If you are not communicating, you are not really relating !

For some of you, positive surprise is generated by an old friend or flame turning up out of the blue. It is obvious that there is some unfinished business or some unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Don't stress about it, be glad of the opportunity to clear the air and move on.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 1. 11. 13. 26
LUCKY PLACES: For love and leisure ,Greece. Canary Islands. Portugal.
For Money and business. Scotland. Russia. Vietnam.


For the first few weeks of 2019 it is all about duty before pleasure. Make a 'tick' list so that you can tick off each completed project as you go along. You should get a lovely feeling of satisfaction at a job well done and you then feel that you can move on to enjoy the rewards of your endeavours.

Invite Archangel Uriel to help you and your Guardian angel as you proceed through the year. You feel inspired and surrounded by the muses. Your creativity flourishes and you feel excited about your creative projects.

Scorpios in long term relationships will need to make adjustments early in 2019 to accommodate your partners changing needs and routine. You may have to make some irksome compromises.

Single Scorpios are in for happy surprises. If you really, really want it, you can find yourself in a deep relationship with someone with whom you feel en rapport. Curb your mistrust and take a chance. What have you got to lose ?

Work offers and opportunities come from unexpected sources and seemingly out of the blue, but it is entirely likely that you laid the groundwork for this way back and you likely have forgotten. It is as if a seed sown in the past has finally decided to sprout !

More travel than usual is 'on the cards' for you this year. And , if you believe in reincarnation, you could find yourself having several dejavu moments. Look deeper into this as there is something to learn from this experience. A sense of mission completed , a situation gone full circle or a powerful opportunity to redress some balance from your soul's past. There is also a lot of fun for you and some carefree times.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 9. 12, 21 40
LUCKY PLACES: For love and leisure, U.S.A. Greece. Hawaii. For business , England. Spain. Korea.


Take a break ! Rushing headlong into this new year could be counter productive. A better way to start the year would be to have some time out to reflect, get your bearings and get clarity on where you see yourself going with your life. Curb your impatience and your desire to do everything and to do it now !

The Angels, particularly Archangel Zadkiel want to download some information to you. It will be easier for them to do that if you are still and receptive. Make time to meditate. Or get back in touch with your creative side , that will get you into a meditative state .

Personal life , particularly family life may have a few challenges. Try not to buy into co-dependency. Remember other adults are responsible for themselves. You are not responsible for them. You can guide them but you can't fix them.

Love and Romance are well aspected for Sagittarius in 2019. For single Sagittarians romance comes from unusual sources , perhaps a foreigner. And Sagittarians in long term relationships find a little more common ground to enjoy together. You and your partner may even take up a new hobby together. And family celebrations bring a nice sense of unity and belonging.

A great year to buy property or to move house. Stretch yourself financially as it will reap rewards. If your work or business is connected with property in any way, many of you are in for a bumper harvest.

Your money situation should be easier than of latter years. Save and/or invest for the future. Take a look at your spending and , without being fearful, see where you can curb your extravagance and put that money to better use.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 7. 13. 21. 33
LUCKY PLACES: For love and leisure, Greece, Austria, Poland, Hong Kong.
For business, Russia, Bahamas, Germany.


After the excesses of Christmas, your birthday and New Year, it may be time to take a look at your life style. a new approach to food and exercise is called for. Perhaps it is time to think of yourself first for a change. Some call that 'selfish'. It is called 'Self care'. If you do not look after yourself , you cannot really be there for others. Maybe it is time to pamper yourself with the occasional massage too.

Archangel Metatron is waiting for your invitation to work with you and your Guardian Angel. New ideas and new projects are on the horizon and angelic help will be invaluable. This year is a great year to lay down foundations for the new , whether that be a house , a business or a new partnership. All partnerships , whether they be business or personal are looking very good for most Capricorns in 2019.

The early part of this year is a great time to think of a change of image; a make-over. Start with your wardrobe. Throw out the old jaded styles; give them to a charity shop so someone else can benefit. Be more adventurous with colour. If you are not sure about your complimentary colours, see a colour consultant. And for the ladies, why not a change of hairstyle?

For those of you who invest. Invest in tangibles. i.e. Gold, Silver, Real Estate etc. Avoid non tangibles. Putting your money into renewable energy sources is also a good bet for you, especially for December Capricorns.

Marriage is looming for many Capricorns in 2019 especially , and not surprisingly, for those in the 20 to 30 age group. This is not to say that some older Capricorns will not tie the knot too and some will rekindle old flames . Old flames that they have not seen in many years are likely to pop up out of the blue. School and college re-unions bring surprises too.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 2. 4. 19. 34
LUCKY PLACES: For love and leisure, New Zealand, Greece, South America.
For business and money, China, Myanmar. Scandinavia.


Spread your wings in 2019 . Divine wind is at your back and you should find that in this year things generally flow in an easier , smoother way for you. Your past struggles have paid off and not only have you learned a lot but you have cleared some major Karma.

Archangel Cassiel whose attributes are those of Peace, Harmony and Serenity is knocking at your door to be given your consent to move into your life. Your own Guardian angel is , as ever, by your side too.

Before you get too far into 2019 however, clear up any outstanding or unfinished projects. Especially creative ones that you may have started and left unfinished. Then be expectant as your Divine Self downloads exciting new creative ideas to you. You may also wish to take a look at the Feng Shui of your workplace and make some minor adjustments.

If you are thinking of moving to a new location, this is a great time to do it. And once you have found the new location and decided upon it, things should flow relatively smoothly. If they are not flowing smoothly and easily, ask yourself if there in a subconscious fear of letting go of the old. And address the issue.

Lovers or partners who may have been taking you for granted need to be reminded to pay you more attention. This works both ways as you may have also been taking them for granted. A tête-à-tête regarding this will be well worth the effort. Bring a little more romance into the relationship too.

Unattached Aquarians attract unusual and intriguing new admirers. And love life is generally exciting and stimulating. Do be careful of breaking someone's heart by being a little too cavalier about the situation. Their feelings for you may be stronger than the feelings you have for them.

Money comes and goes this year. It flows. Don't worry when it goes out as it will soon flow back in again. Legacies and windfalls are likely for many Aquarians and especially those born around end of January . More than one holiday is also likely for you and you may finally get to your dream destination.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 6. 18. 22. 35
LUCKY PLACES: For love and leisure, Bulgaria, Kenya and Malaysia. For money and business Africa, Canada and France.


f it is possible for you, do take time out in early 2019 to get right away from everyone and everything so that you can get a perspective on your life and decide who and what you need to keep in your life and who and what you need to let go of.

If you are in a long term relationship, ask yourself some searching questions about your level of commitment to one another and whether you are meeting one another's needs. If it is O.K , then that is fine and you can tweak any areas that need adjustment. But if the situation is not as you want it to be , then after you have tried to correct it, you may have to think whether it is really what you want in your life. Have you really given it your best shot? And are they really meeting your needs?

Unattached Pisceans have plenty of opportunities to meet new love in 2019. But on your 'time out' have a think about what you really want before you rush into anything new. And when you do start to date, go in with eyes wide open. Do not compromise. Well, not too much anyway, there always has to be some compromise.

Your Spiritual or Personal growth is paramount this year as you have an opportunity to connect more deeply with your Inner Being. Your Psychic awareness is becoming much more pronounced and your visions have a more clarity and certainty. Archangel Raphael is working with you , in co-operation with your own beautiful Guardian Angel.

Self employed Pisceans get a boost in their business and may even get some media attention. Employed Pisceans may decide to change jobs, especially those of you born around early March.

Find yourself a Personal Development Retreat some time in 2019 so that you can get some insight into what your strengths are and how to capitalise on them . Or have a few sessions with a Life Coach.

Pisceans who have responsibility for older relatives could find that they have some extra stress in the summer months. And Pisceans who are in the caring professions will have to take on extra responsibility. However, for the latter, there are both monetary and other rewards and a real boost to your self esteem.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 5, 7, 21, 34
LUCKY PLACES. For love and Leisure. U.K. Argentina, Singapore.
For business and money. U.S.A. Thailand. Barbados.


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