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Are you experiencing frustration in your life ? Do you feel blocked?
Is your business or love life stuck? Do feel that, no matter what you do , you just can't move on?

One very likely cause could be the space you live or work in.

Quantum Physics is now coming up with solid evidence of what spiritual people have known for ages (we love a bit of scientific evidence in our modern world !) that we live and move in a field of energy. This energy is not only alive but exists as frequencies of varying vibrations. There are also parallel realities. All around us is a living reality, throbbing with energy.

We are not the only intelligences which populate this reality. There are spirits and other entities. Most of these entities are quite harmless, but there are some who are just lost, confused or even resentful that you are in what they think is 'their ' space. There will have been former inhabitants of your home or even of the space where your home is now built. They may not even know that they are 'dead' and will be angry that you are in their home or space.

There can be 'lost' souls trying to get your attention. Or mischievous beings who like to stir things up. Emotions of former occupants can also be still stuck in the space and can be removed. Where there has been intense fear or anger, this emotion can stay in the space it was generated in and needs to be dispersed.

All this can and will affect your life.

In recent years I have 'space cleared' an office in Bath.UK, a block of offices in Bristol UK., a farmhouse in New Zealand, several houses in England , a couple of residences in Hong Kong (Sai Kung and Mid-levels) and a castle in Germany.

This office was built on a place which, during the Roman occupation of Britain, was a brothel. As there is no time in the spirit world, the lost souls of the Roman soldiers who frequented this establishment, were still congregating there. They were confused and angry that they were not finding what they were looking for and were casting a gloom over the space. Once these spirits were released to the light through the 'space clearing'. The office felt lighter and clearer and the business picked up almost immediately.

PROPERTY IN SAI KUNG. HONG KONG. The client there called in my services as their luck was going from bad to worse. Two helpers had left because they had seen apparitions and had been disturbed in their sleep. On tuning in, I found that quite some time before the present house had been built on that site, there had been another house. A pregnant unmarried mother had been poisoned in the old house by her family. They hid her body by burying it in the garden. The spirit of the girl was still crying out for justice and recognition. I was able to get her ancestors to come for her and take her to the light. Peace was restored.

FARMHOUSE IN NEW ZEALAND. My client there had been very disturbed by noises, things being moved about, cold winds in the house despite the heating. I tuned in and found that the place on which the house was built had originally been a sacred Maori site. When white people commandeered the land and built upon it, the Maori spirits were angry. After some dialogue with the spirits, they agreed to leave the house in peace if the owners planted a particular tree in the front garden; the spirits would then use this tree as their meeting place. Everyone was happy!

CASTLE IN GERMANY. Despite the challenging history of Germany in the last century, I found most of this property to have amazingly benign energies. All except a part which had been occupied by an old servant. His spirit and energy, which were dark and angry, were still lurking around and had to be moved on. My client was someone with an awareness of energies and 'chi', so she also decided to knock down a few walls in this part of the premises to get the chi flowing clearly. When I left, it was a very happy castle.

MID LEVELS. HONG KONG. My clients were constantly depressed and nothing seemed to go right for them. When I got to their apartment, I could sense great fear and anger. Mostly fear. On tuning in, I connected with some great fear from the time of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong and was able to clear the energy. They have since told me that the depression has gone and that their life feels lighter and more positive. Not only that, but the husband expanded his business into lucrative new areas.

BRISTOL. U.K. OFFICES. Before my client took over the lease of these offices, there had been several fires in the building. Previous leaseholders had not done very well there or had left after a short time. My client was attracted by the ideal location and the attractive rent. He felt that there must be something like a 'curse' on the place, so he asked me to come along and see what I could do to help. The energy was very dark, sad and oppressive. On tuning in, I discovered that it had been used as a storage place for the slave trade. The energy was not easy to clear, but I got a lot of angelic help. My client now runs a very successful business out of that office space.

Let me know if I can be of help to you.

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