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Now the summer holidays are over, I am lining up some powerful and life changing workshops to help you to move on to the next level of your life. Connect with your True Self, Overcome anxiety, Be more confident, Discover your innate potential.

Sunday 15th September


Men are welcome to join us !

With Bindi Gauntlett and Anne Hassett

At Weston Hub.Penn Hill Rd., Bath BA14EH


If you are feeling that your Mind and Body and Spirit are struggling to move in the same direction, then this gentle yet powerful workshop could be just what you need right now. Bring together your Mind, Body and Spirit to confidently become a healthier and more positive you.

Anne Hassett and Bindi Gauntlett bring you the tools that will help you to understand why you react the way that you do and how you can respond differently if you choose to.

Bindi uses in8 cards* to show how everything we do in life is in order to meet our human needs and how when we are able to use our own internal guidance system we can truly thrive. This understanding helps our self confidence, our relationships and our communities.

Anne will introduce you to Quantum ReCoding, a 21st century healing technique that can revolutionise your life by updating negative outdated codes of behaviour with positive, appropriate alternatives.
Quantum Re-Coding miraculously unites heart and mind to achieve a superconscious brain state resulting in positive and lasting change - instantly.

Anne and Bindi offer you the opportunity of a lighthearted day of reflection and discovery, the day will be a rich sharing between like-minded people and you will leave with new insights, resources and inspiration.

Your investment £57

To Book:

To be paid in full on booking

£30 refund if cancelled 7 days in advance

Please bring your own lunch. Drinks provided.

Parking available .


Tuesday 8th October

By Popular demand....

This workshop gets filled every time as clients use the technique to effect major life changes



With Anne Hassett

7-9.30 pm in Bath.

Tuesday 8th October


Supercharge your life by fixing limiting beliefs instantly!

Quantum Re-Coding is a 21st century healing technique that re-codes Low Self-Esteem; Poverty Consciousness; Difficulties in Personal Relationships; Unwanted Habits & Addictions; Youthing versus Ageing; and Vibrant Health versus Illness - IN MINUTES!
Based on the discoveries of Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr. Paul Dennison, Psych K, and others, Quantum Re-Coding is a 21st century healing technique that can revolutionise your life by updating those outdated codes of behaviour with positive, appropriate alternatives.
Combined with muscle testing and cross body posture, Quantum Re-Coding miraculously unites heart and mind to achieve a superconscious brain state resulting in positive and lasting change - instantly.

*Do you never have enough money?
*Can't find the love you are seeking?
*Don't believe you are good enough?
*Wish you could change your job?
*Do you have on-going health issues?

The subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the conscious. Yet it's beliefs are programmed by the events, conditioning, and traumas experienced before the age of six! Beliefs you are not even aware of can be running your life! Quantum Re-Coding unites heart and mind to achieve a superconscious brain state which brings about miraculous changes instantly - no reliving of painful memories or long-term therapy.
Quantum Re-Coding overwrites innate limiting beliefs with positive outcomes - in minutes!

Call to book your place:

Anne: 01225 425117

October Nov 9th.


October Nov 9th.

Tel: 2521 5099

November 10-14 th


Info to follow



Conscious Awakening Retreat

Da Nang




          • Do you feel like you would like to achieve a higher state of consciousness?
          • Are you aware of the immense power of your Heart Intelligence?
          • Do you feel like you would like time out to explore your life purpose?
          • Do you feel a calling to spiritually go beyond where you are now?
          • Do you feel you are becoming more intuitively aware?


This 3.5 day retreat will offer you the opportunity to once again reconnect with the Divinity that resides within. Anne and Phil will take you through numerous exercises and meditations to assist in a conscious awakening of the Heart.

Starting right from the point of birth we will take you on journey into identifying those parts of you that are holding you back from true connection, help you to release them and tap into that Spirit within and move into higher states of consciousness.

The day starts with Yoga hosted by our very own fully qualified Yoga Instructor Geeta, who is also an incredible Biodynamic Craniosacral and Reiki Practitioner (and will be on hand throughout the day to offer private Yoga or Healing sessions). Followed by 4 sessions throughout the day, with Anne and Phil as well as time to reflect and enjoy the surroundings.



Cost of the retreat includes, room, full board (breakfast, lunch and evening meal, mid-morning/afternoon beverages) and morning yoga classes.

Private sessions, Spa Treatments, Flights and Transfers are not included within the cost




Phil’s journey into energy healing and connection with the subtle realms began during his teen years and have remained his passion ever since.

He has been active in promoting self-connection and self-healing for more than 20 years, providing workshops in self-awareness, self-connection as well as regular meditation and healing groups.

Phil’s healing work, Vibrational Attunement, is the accumulation of many healing techniques offered to him via his ‘inspirers’ over many years of service. Since developing Vibrational Attunement, he has also integrated aspects of other modalities into it such as Reiki, Sekhem, Magnified Healing, MTHS.

Phil is an avid promoter of self-awareness and realisation. Knowing that the key to our life journey lies in ‘Self Mastery’ his Mentor-ship sessions, meditations and workshops carry an emphasis on taking control and full responsibility of your development and self-empowerment


Anne ACUSHLA Hassett has 39 years of experience as a Psychic Consultant and has a huge following world wide. She has been coming to Hong Kong twice a year for the past 30 years.

Her clients number many from the show-biz world and the aristocracy.

Acushla passionately believes in empowering people and runs Retreats, Workshops and courses on a variety of subjects. She loves to help others to connect with their own innate psychic abilities.

She has a variety of skills at her disposal ; Clairvoyance, Channelled Spiritual Guidance, Quantum ReCoding, Palmistry and Tarot. Acushla is also a Reiki Master, Metaphysician, Spiritual teacher, Author and Broadcaster.


Our Yoga Teacher.

Growing up and living in a unique and conscious environment in the presence of Osho in India, Geeta began her thirst for self-discovery and healing.

Geeta found inner growth through meditation, various therapies and spiritual practices. She has practiced holistic therapies for over 20 years and is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Osho Neo-Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator and has over 800 hours certification in Hatha Yoga and Yoga therapy. Since childhood, meditation has been a constant in her life.

“All these modalities are tools to unlock our potential for self-discovery. Through healing the body, mind and emotions, we can live a life of freedom self-love and deep contentment.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



February 21/22/23



Emotions are not just for women!

At beautiful Holland House Retreat. Pershore. Worcs.

21/22/23 February 2020

Time to get in touch with the real you.
And get clear on where you want to be.

With the combined skills and experience of Neil Stewart and Anne Hassett,

you will experience a weekend of dialogue,

inner reflection and expert and sympathetic tuition.

* Meditation
* In8 Anxiety Freedom Resources
* Change your negative sub-conscious beliefs
* Define your goals
* Find a better way forward

Early-bird £450 . A discount of £45

to be paid by November 1st. 2020

Full price: £495

To be booked by January 1st. to secure your place.

Single occupancy room.
All meals from dinner on Friday night to tea on Sunday afternoon.
Expert tuition from two well established course facilitators.
Plus extra teaching from In8* guest presenter.


NEIL STEWART is a mentor and business coach with over 14 years experience , helping others achieve their goals quicker with his wisdom and

ANNE HASSETT has been involved in the field of Spirituality, Personal Growth & Self Awareness for 39 years & runs courses, seminars & retreats worldwide.


June 2020

Date to be confirmed


A repeat of very successful 2019 retreat

Connect with your Innermost Being, Nature and your Higher Power

Weekend Residential Retreat with ANNE HASSETT at beautiful NEW PLACE. PORLOCK.

New Place, Porlock enjoys an elevated position overlooking wonderful coastal views within the Exmoor National Park.
With the peaceful ambience and wholesome vegan/vegetarian food it can offer a perfect setting for

Meditation, Silence, Contemplation, Nurturing.

Anne Hassett will be facilitating the weekend and will conduct guided meditations and offer a channeling session for the group from The Lady of Love and Light. Anne will also guide you to go inwards to connect with your own Sacred Heart and will take you on a guided journey to connect with your guides and spirit helpers.

In the loving embrace of the beauty all around you, you can allow the barriers to fall away and connect with what is real.

Most of Saturday will be spent in Sacred Silence. In that quiet space you can disconnect from the distractions of the world and listen to the 'still small voice ' within.

En suite Twin rooms are for two sharing, so bring a friend or meet a new one!

Cost £275per person

Includes accommodation and all meals from dinner on Friday evening to Afternoon tea on Sunday.

£50 non-returnable deposit secures your place. Already there is much interest.

We will meet at 6pm on Friday evening and say goodbye on Sunday at 4pm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I have been guided to offer a


Just for you. One-to-one

* Biometric Hand Analysis to determine your unique strengths and challenges.
* Intuitive coaching to help you get an insight into your LIFE PURPOSE
* An Intuitive reading to expose the blocks and negative beliefs that are holding you back.
* A Quantum ReCoding session to re programme your negative beliefs.
* A 'to do' list and LIFE PLAN.

A whole afternoon , approx 3 hours, just for you. and a 30 minute phone follow-up to be arranged.
Fee £ 225

Make this the year when you are serious about getting your life on a better footing



As well as seeing clients on a personal basis at my home in Bath, I am available for TELEPHONE AND SKYPE READINGS anywhere in the world. I have done a lot of these now and they really work. I have done readings on the phone for Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai, Egypt, Denmark,Thailand,New Zealand , The Philippines and U.K and everyone has been very happy with them.

Distance is no barrier to clairvoyance and psychic insight. All I have to do is close my eyes and it is all there !! Psychic ability is not bound by time or space, it is non-linear , non local. If it wasn't, it wouldn't work !!

If you are in U.K just phone me on 01225 425117 and we can compare diaries there and then and

* save endless to-ing and fro-ing by email.

For phone or Skype readings : E-mail me first and we will arrange a mutually suitable time for you to phone me. For payment details I will send you information on how to pay with Pay Pal. Please advise me of which country you are in, so I can offer appropriate times for different time zones.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~








Acushlas Workshops and Retreats

Other retreats....

Amazing transformation for all of us within just 4 days.....amazing guidance.....thank you thank, thank you, thank you.
S. Cheng. Hong Kong.

The June Retreat was awesome! A truly enlightening + magical experience... Shared with like minded people! Acushla/Anne is a fascinating teacher!!! And one thing's for sure I'll definitely be going back! Thank You. J.S.Bristol.

I had such a good time on the course and thank you for teaching us so many things even though it's just a fraction of your wisdom!
Shirley H. Hong Kong.

I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing weekend that has left me feeling much more positive about life in general. The people were lovely and the setting was perfect, all adding to a very special time. Thanks once again Anne.... Helen. Bristol


REVIEWS from previous retreats:


Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for making the time and effort to run the retreat at the weekend. What I love about you is that you are the 'genuine article', fun, open, honest, human and happy to show yourself 'warts and all'! You inspire me to be the best I can be and not 'play small' (as I have done in the past) and I know that I am an Essence of The Divine.
I am looking forward to next years retreat/reunion at New Place if you decide to hold another weekend.
C.C. Wiltshire. U.K



Thank you for a brilliant first experiance at a Retreat...but not my last,..cant wait to go again..Beautiful venue,the company of inspirational like minded women was delightful...very uplifting,loads of delicious healthy food...feel like a new woman lol....xx Dawn E.

I have just spent a miraculous healing weekend, Living In The Now, at Holland House . I arrived as an exhausted, very low and defeated woman and left with a renewed sense of purpose, strength and positivity.
The day's flew by with meditations and workshops and the energy and comradeship between us all was fantastic. None of us wanted to leave. Holland House is very comfortable and the food is fabulous.
If you have the opportunity go, go, go! Sara. Wiltshire.

I Woke up feeling brand new this morning after another fab retreat . The combination of a great bunch of strong, wise and inspirational women, Fabulous venue , way too much delicious food , loads of meditation and relaxation was exactly what was needed. I Loved every minute . Thank you all for being so amazing.. Paula Mc. Wilts. U.K.

Thank you for a wonderful life enhancing weekend. It's astonishing the love, energy, learning and wisdom that 11 women can create. You led us back to our true selves through guidance, meditation and transformative techniques. We laughed and we cried together. And Holland House, with all its ancient echoes and tranquil gardens, was the perfect peaceful setting. Lesley. Somerset. U.K.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Retreat in Pershore. It was great to see you again and I would definitely like to go on the Retreat in Italy.

I don’t think anyone would have been able truly open up and bear their Souls without feeling completely safe under your guidance and feeling loved and cared for within the Group. It was a magical experience not just to observe what people shared and the healing that took place but also to be part of it too. Thank you so much for making it happe. Lorraine. Surrey. U.K

Thank you for a wonderful weekend at Holland House, a perfect venue with beautiful gardens and amazing food! I went with sadness and a heavy heart. I found peace, laughter, love and light. It was a revelation on so many levels. Thank you. Anne J. Bath. U.K.


I have just returned from a most fabulous healing weekend retreat run by two loving and inspirational women.. It was a weekend full of learning, kindness, sharing, laughter, healing an altogether memorable and very powerful weekend with beautiful people in a stunning location -awesome food and the sun was with us all the way .... An Amazing blessing ... Thank you ...Love you all xxx Jen.

Dear Anne
What an amazing weekend! New Place is magical..from the moment you welcomed me upon arrival I felt instantly like coming home...... The meditations filled me with so much power and energy and at the same time gave me an instinct confidence about what lies ahead. My batteries were recharged, my spirit even more uplifted. And not to forget, the wonderful, warm hospitality provided by Heather and the fab food created by Sue. Thank you again Anne for an unforgettable experience. Monika, Switzerland

Thank you so much Anne for organising such an amazing retreat. It was an inspiring mix of people, meditation, nature and spiritual knowledge and I wish it had lasted longer. I loved the afternoon walk and chance to try a proper cream tea.. A.W . Bath

I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing weekend that has left me feeling much more positive about life in general. The people were lovely and the setting was perfect, all adding to a very special time. Thanks once again Anne.... Helen. Bristol

The content of the weekend with the wonderful meditations was very uplifting. The food was wholesome and beautifully prepared. The venue could not have been surpassed ;beautiful views of the sea whilst enclosed in the heart of woodland . I would heartily recommend this retreat for anyone seeking to re-connect with their angels and their higher selves/ I met some wonderful like-minded people and also had a lot of fun....I could go on and on !! W.B Trowbridge

~ ~ ~ ~ ~





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