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There is nothing spiritual about being poor!
You are a Child of the Universe, a Spark of Creator, made in the image and likeness of Source. Your true nature is one of Unlimited Abundance.

You have probably watched 'The Secret' and wonder why the genie hasn't delivered the goods. The ideas in 'The Secret' are correct, but they have left out one vital element. If we think we are unworthy or do not deserve what we have asked for we will, on a subconscious level, sabotage our good. Then all the affirmations are worth diddley squat. We need to re-programme our subconscious.

This meditation guides you to reach into your subconscious mind and 'change the programme'. Listen to it for 28 days and wait for the miracles to begin to happen. Suspend your disbelief.


This meditation takes you gently from your everyday awareness in your physical reality, chakra by chakra, to the eight chakra , outside of your physical body, to connect with Higher Consciousness. At this place you may connect with your own Higher Self, that part of you that remains outside of the Space/Time reality of our physical existence.

You may also connect with Angelic Beings, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides and Spirit Allies.

At this level of Higher Consciousness, you can receive inspiration, guidance and insight. And you can also bring back some of the energy of that Sphere to empower you in your present life.



It is a natural human desire to love and be loved. Yet, the whole question of love seems to be strewn with challenges.So many of the problems regarding attracting love into our lives is because we do not love ourselves. How can we expect others to love us if we cannot love our own selves?

In this recording, there are affirmations in the first and second person to help you to let go of old beliefs about being unlovable or unworthy and to replace them with affirmations of being lovable and deserving love.

Our reality is created by our beliefs so, as we change our beliefs, we change our reality

Repetition of these affirmations is necessary to embed new programmes and new beliefs into the subconscious.


This meditation can be life changing. I use it a lot on my courses and retreats, but this is the first time I have recorded it.The feedback I have had is tremendous. One man said it cured his depression, several people have said it enhances their psychic powers. For myself, I know it has helped me to remain very centred. It also has great healing properties.

Sound is very , very powerful. We are made of energy and when exposed to positive vibrations of sound, all the molecules and atoms of our physical body respond. Our mind and our spirit become still and tuned to higher frequencies.

Our own body is a tuning fork , so as we chant we receive enormous benefits from the sound as it penetrates every fibre of our being and it reaches out into our aura.

If you are familiar with the chakras , be aware of the colour of that particular chakra as you chant the sound. I find that as I reach the higher charkas, I can almost hear celestial voices respond and join in with me. As you chant, also listen. Listen for the sound of the reverberation as it fills the space around you.

The chant of the sound 'AH' for the heart is very healing and can be used on its own to send love and healing to others.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


From a client in Shanghai......

"I've been playing around with the chakra meditation and wanted to share with you. First, it's starting to feel more like it's flowing thru me as the vehicle, rather than me trying to guide or control it. It guides itself. Much more efficient this way, less ego and no expectations.

Second, after energizing the higher self chakra 6-8" above the head using the ohm sound and white light, I go one level higher still with final more round of chanting. This level feels like a shift higher both in elevation (much higher above the physical body) and vibration (much faster/lighter energy). A connection point into a higher realm to anchor 'upwards' to complement the energy flow coming 'downwards'. And the sound I'm using now is a slight variation on the 'steady ohm' sound of the higher self chakra -- I chant Ahhh-Uuuu-Mmmm to tie into the primordial sound of creation, according to the sages. Hmmm, good fun this! Thank again for posting that for all of us to enjoy and refine our energies!"S.B. Shanghai.

From Workshop participant, where we used this ...

" I felt my whole energy field change. I could feel the light and energy coursing up through my body and I felt a surge of immense power. It felt like I was connecting with the entire cosmos" D.S. U.K

" I have been using this meditation on a daily basis and I feel as if I have changed beyond measure. I have become more connected; more psychic and , at the same time, more centered and calm" L. P. U.S.A.


Information on the The Chanting Meditation

It links you up with your Higher Power/ Higher Self and also opens up the channels to raise the kundalini energy and thus improve clairvoyance and Psychic ability in general. It also promotes physical health, emotional balance and general well-being.

This 'meditation' involves chanting . Sound vibrations have a profound effect on us and when chanted will resonate inside the skull and out and about outside us and fill our energy field. I sometimes can hear tha echoes around my living room and they go on for some time , like the after-sound from a bell.

Start by getting comfortable. Sit up straight and have your feet on the floor. Keep the spine as straight as possible and uncross arms legs etc.Make sure that you will not be disturbed.

Start with the base chakra.(at the base of the spine) Visualise this chakra and see the colour RED. Make the sound as low as possible , the sound of UH. Do this three times and make the sound last for as long as possible.

Then the Sacral chakra, about five inches above the base chakra, see the colour ORANGE. Chant the soundOOh To Rhyme with YOU. Again three times.Do it S-l-o-w-l-y and let the sound resonate and reverberate.

Now to the Solar Plexus chakra. Visualise the colour yellow. And chant the sound OH. To rhyme with Slow.

Then to the Heart chakra. The colour to imagine is green and the sound is AH. The sound of Ah from the heart chakra can go out for at least two miles in all directions !!! Powerful. And it vibrates LOVE. To all.

Now go to the Throat chakra. The colour is Blue and the sound is EYE.

Next is the Third Eye chakra, right in the centre of your forehead. The clour is Indigo Blue and the sound to chant is Aye,(to rhyme with Hay or pay)

Then to the Crown Chakra. The clour is violet and the sound is E-e-e.... The higher up you go the higher the note should be.

Then imagine a space about 6 to 8 inches above your head , this is The chakra of your Higher Self and where you can make contact with all-that-is.The colour is a bright white light and the sound is Ohm or Aum.

After several days of doing this chanting meditation , you will begin to see and experience shifts in your awareness and an opening up of your senses. The kundalini energy at the base of the spine begins to shift and , of course, the more you do this meditation, the more you will have results.

Print this meditation off to take with you , you will soon get the hang of it and won't need to read these directions.


I have posted the above meditation some time ago, but it is the one all of my clients talk about. They tell me of the tremendous results that they have had from using it.The feedback I have had has been tremendous, with many of my clients from as far away as China, Florida and Scandinavia all writing and e-mailing me to tell me of the results they are having. So, no apologies for putting it up here again.

Some people have had unpleasant sensations or visions as their energy field is cleared and cleansed. They have written to me , worried about it. I said " Great! What's on it's way up is on it's way out." I suggested that they persevere." the negativity is being released and that is a good thing, it WILL stop"

Others have had very positive and uplifting experiences and I include some feedback from a client who lives in Shanghai.

I am doing it regularly myself and can attest to the changes it is bringing about. I feel lighter, happier and have lots more energy. It has honed my clairvoyance and psychic ability to a finer degree and has greatly increased my perception.

Sound heals. Sound changes things. I believe that sound will be the medicine of the future.
When you are doing this meditation, stop between chants and listen for the sound reverberating back to you. I feel it is like the universe singing back to me.

Attuning our chakras helps to balance us. It starts the proccess of raising the kundalini energy and it takes us to altered states . Did the old nursery rhyme 'One, two, three, four, five , six , seven....all good children go to heaven' have an esoteric meaning behind the mundane ?

I believe that this meditation will prepare you for Ascension and help you to reach the altered states most of us desire. Your feedback so far has confirmed this.

I am experimenting with finding a tone for the 9th chakra and will let you know as soon as I have tried it out a bit more !



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I have a lovely C.D. with a set of three guided meditations which were channelled to me by the angels.The backing music was also channelled.

This CD has been immensly popular with my clients worldwide over the years. You can now download it on to your MP3 player . You may also listen to it for free.

Or you can order a C.D. E-mail me for a copy. Cost £10 plus p&p.

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MEDITATION to ground yourself.

I am hearing from so many people that they are tired, or confused or do not know what they should be doing. I felt a bit like that myself early last week and spoke to a friend about it. She said that we are all being 're-calibrated' and that we need to keep very grounded. She suggested the following meditation and I have been using it and finding it extremely helpful, grounding and anchoring. It also helps me to build up some good solid 'earth' energy.

Sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths. Visualise a column going up through the centre of your spine. Feel the energy flowing up and down this column ( as it actually does) . then visualise the energy reaching deep, deep down into the very centre of the earth, right down and into the crystal which lies at the centre of our beautiful Mother earth. Then draw up the energy from there, right up through your spine and see it reaching out into the centre of the galaxy. Feel the energy flow up and down. Right out into the cosmos and right down into the the earth, into the crystalline core, with your spine as the channel. It is extremely empowering and grounding.




As with any meditation, find yourself a comfortable place to sit in; one where you will not be disturbed. Let your body become completely relaxed. Find any part of your body where you are holding tension and let it go. Take a few nice deep breaths. Relax.

Now bring your attention to your heart centre. See the falme of Love and Light that is right there in the centre of your heart. Focus on it. See the light grow until it fills your entire chest area.

Then see the light go out into your entire chest area. Then see it go down into your abdomen and fill your entire body.

Now see it filling up your head and your arms and your legs. See the light enter into every single cell of your body and into every atom of your being.

Stay with this feeling for a while as you observe your breath going in and going out.

Now bring your attention back to your heart. Send the light from yourheart out to your loved ones, your family and your friends.Send it out with forgiveness to your enemies too. Now send the light from your heart out into the world......North, East, South and West, joining up at the other sied so that the whole world is enveloped in light. Send out LOVE in the same way.

Breathe. Relax. Smile. Know that all is well.

The meditation below has proven to be the most popular and powerful meditation I have ever put on here. I continue to get feed-back on it from all around the world. People e-mail me to tell me of the amazing changes they have experienced because of it.


Meditation from previous months.

Meditation with Arch Angel Raziel

  1. As with all meditations, find a comfortable place to sit ; one where you will not be disturbed. Make sure your telephone is turned off and that the temperature of the room is comfortable. Take a few nice deep breaths and feel your body become totally relaxed. Go to any part of your body where you are holding tension and just let that tension go. Again, scan your body for places which are tense and consciously un-tense that part.

  2. Now become aware of the atmosphere around you, be aware of any presences you may feel. In your mind, invite Archangel Raziel to be with you. Ask him to give you a sign of his presence. Don't try too hard to feel anything. You may feel a change in temperature or just get a 'feeling' that you are not alone. Never mind if you do not feel anything, just trust that Archangel Raziel is with you.

  3. Ask him to take you on a journey to Inner Space. That is the space deep within you. Do this gently, do not force anything or 'try to make it happen'. Ask Archangel Raziel to help you to find your Inner Self; your true Being; the Divine Being that you truly are. Take time with this. This is about meeting your SELF. Stay in this space now and commune with your Inner Self.

  4. When you are ready, take yourself back to where you began and thank Archangel Raziel for his help. Even if you do not experience anything too dramatic on your first attempt, do this meditation again and again. And, after a while, ask Archangel Raziel to take you to other places. i.e The Hall of Records, where you can review your past lives or early parts of this life. Ask him to show you your Life plan for this life.

  5. You may, another time, ask Archangel Raziel to take you on a journey out into the Cosmos or to other Star Systems or planets or to parallel realities. But get to know your own Inner Self first and ALWAYS make sure you have Arcghangel Raziel with you as a guide and protector for when you go far off. He will also make sure that you return !!

Always thank Archangel Raziel for his help and guidance. Its only polite afterall !




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