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With the guidance of Kwan Yin and my Spirit Guide Master Ho, I have downloaded some insights for The Year of The Dog. It is my Joy and Pleasure to share them with you. Click on for your own particular sign.



The year of the Earth Dog is one of activity and movement. This applies in all areas of life on earth. The movement of Mother Earth herself, by an increase in earthquakes and resulting tsunamis. Landslides and volcanic eruptions.

Movement of peoples from place to place. Resulting in the unfortunate situation of an increase in refugees fleeing for safety and peoples relocating on a larger scale.

On a positive note, it is also a year of unparalleled discoveries of new resources from the earth . New oil reserves, new gold being discovered. More interest and more action being taken in the area of ecological responsibility. It is highly probable that a source of energy will be made more readily available which will not deplete the earths resources nor pollute our surroundings.

Unlikely political alliances bring new accord. And there will be a greater sense of co-operation. New ideas emerge to replace or improve our outdated financial systems. This can take time , but a beginning is made which will benefit all.

A general awakening is happening . Mankind awakes as if from a long sleep. There is a move towards a universal spirituality. The divisions between disparate belief systems softens and a better respect for diversity arises.

More shocks to come from the film and media industry. And more than usual occurrences of political leaders toppling from their pedestals. The general public becomes more tired and disillusioned with the celebrity culture.

More transparency in high places is evident and truths, long suppressed, come to light. This year of the Earth Dog is not an easy one for anyone who is not playing straight. But if you are centred, honest and caring , you have little to fear.




Your native cunning has always stood you in good stead and this year is no different. Cunning is one thing and honesty is another. Be scrupulously honest (and be as cunning as you like) and in this year you will make huge strides.

Money comes from unexpected sources for many of you. And for some it is money that has been held back and should be yours by Divine right. For others it is unexpected windfalls. All in all, it is a great money year for clever rats. Be clever with it when you get it. Spendthrift rats will not fare well.

Rats in love this year have choices to make. Your popularity is at an all time high.

Don't get involved in politics or engage in religious fervour. You could make dangerous enemies if you do. Charity work, on the other hand, can bring you blessings and bonuses.

Issues with water, in your home or your workplace , should be attended to immediately or there could be expensive consequences.

Old friends return. Old debts get repaid. Old misdemeanours come back but all-in-all it is a great year for RATS.


Take care of your energy levels this year . Especially do not overwork or push yourself too hard. Learn to pace yourself. A new regime of eating healthily will pay dividends . To have life in your body, eat foods that still have life in them and avoid processed foods as much as you can.

Do not let others take advantage of you. Learn to say 'No'. And when others want to give to you, receive. Offers of help can be gratefully, and gracefully accepted.

A very good year to move your home or work premises. Also a great year to invest in real estate. Investing in tangible assets is your best way forward. Avoid gambling and risky speculation.

Older people have a lot to offer you. You may receive a legacy or it may be wise advice from an older family member or old friend.

A change of image is on the cards for you and this is a good year for you to redefine yourself. Updating your image will pay dividends. A complete revamp of your website, C.V or your dress style will open new doors for you.


Harness your personal power wisely this year and you can make great strides. Take time out now to assess your strengths and see where you can use them to your advantage. Do not attempt something that you are not good at or anything which does not make your heart sing. Follow your passion and you will find yourself thriving in ways that you have not known before.

Buddha said 'Find what you love to do and you will never have to work again for the rest of your life'. Wise words; as when we find our passion and follow it and do it, our life becomes one of enjoyment and fulfilment instead of weary toil.

Doors of opportunity are opening for you now, so be brave and walk through them. Old friends or colleagues from way back return to your life to bring you links and connections that can help you as you move forward.

Your love life in this year is one of excitement and more than a few surprises. Nice surprises. Be open. Be receptive.

Plan your work and business travel carefully to avoid burnout . Have a plan. Finish what you started so you do not have to return to the same scenario more than once.
A good year to invest in real estate. Also a good year to refurbish your home or workplace. Get good Feng Shui advice to avail of auspicious energy flows and to cancel out any negative and stale energy blocks.

Have a holiday. Pamper yourself. Take time out.


Start your year quietly and pace yourself. Like your zodiac animal when it stands on it's hind legs to assess any potential dangers, get a really good look at what possible threats or dangers there may be. And quietly eliminate them or retreat from them. Retreat to regroup! Assess who is for you and who is not. To those who are not for you, you owe them nothing so walk away.

Work changes are positive and more than one opportunity presents itself. For those of you who are self employed or freelance, a change of image or of how you present yourself can pay immeasurable dividends. Revamp your website; try a new name or logo; do things differently.

Love life may get off to a bumpy start and that too needs revamping. A good heart-to-heart with your partner may be necessary to figure out one another's needs or to even define those needs. Maybe your partner is not as psychic as you think and you need to spell it out. And if you can't or won't meet one another's needs then maybe you both need to move on.

Money luck is good, particularly in the summer months. you may even magnetise a nice windfall into your life.


Once the New Year festivities are over, it is time to get serious about those changes you have been meaning to make. Do not procrastinate or dither any longer. Be decisive. No more shilly-shallying or sitting on the fence. It is up to you.

Your personal magnetism grows as the year progresses and you attract powerful and interesting people who can be very helpful and beneficial to you. If you are in the public eye , as in the entertainment or political world, your popularity is high. But if that is not your world, you still attract positive influences.

Love life is up and down. More up than down. You may need to pay more attention to your partner's needs as they may be feeling left out, ignored or not appreciated. For those of you with children, they will be more than usually demanding and older children must be made aware of boundaries.

A good year to start a new job or new business. Also a good year to generate working capital for any ventures needing investment.


Spread your wings in this year of the Dog. If you have had a money making idea bubbling away in your head for some time, now is the time to talk to someone else about it , get a business plan together and go for it. Your creative ideas and visions are at an all time high. You could even surprise yourself when you open up to it.

Challenges occur in your love life. For those of you in committed partnerships there may be misunderstandings which should be ironed out immediately and not left to fester. Single Snakes may have a disappointment regarding someone else's intentions. Be cautious. Be cautious but at the same time unafraid. Just proceed carefully with your eyes wide open.

A great year for you to learn something new. A new language or skill. Or to take up a new hobby. Also a very good year for travelling and adventure. Go out on a limb, go somewhere off the beaten track. Explore foreign cultures.

Older people will require your attention but do not let them exploit your kindness too much. The more you do the more they will expect. Look after yourself and your own energy too.

Money looks good this year for you.


When this New Year holiday is over, go slowly back into the daily routine. Like everything in nature, life ebbs and flows. The period just after Chinese New Year for you is on the ebb tide, so it makes any effort doubly difficult. Go gently. Don't push too hard. Wait until the end of February when the flow starts again for you. Avail of the flow then and push for all you are worth! The energy is with you then, not against you.

This Year of the Dog is overall an auspicious one for you. Unexpected opportunities of life changing magnitude present themselves. It is a good year for taking calculated risks. Money is easier to come by than it has been of late. Don't forget to squirrel away some for the future too. Look at what investments you can make and where you can best place your resources.

Your personal life is a bit erratic and this is most likely caused by other peoples insecurities rather that your own. be supportive and sympathetic but do not feel you have to take responsibility for how they are feeling. They must work out their own journey.

People in high places look upon you favourably and it is a good time to ask for favours or for help. If you are hoping for promotion, the auspices are good and for those of you who are self employed you can make excellent progress this year.


Get ready. You are in for a roller-coater ride soon after the New Year holiday. And everyone wants a bit of you . You may feel beleaguered by so many people all needing something from you at the same time. Learn to say that little word 'No'. Their need of you may appear quite flattering, but it can also be exhausting. Keep some time and some energy for yourself .

Lots of busyness at work. And people may rely on you to make decisions which can affect them and others. Tune in to your guides for inspiration and insight or talk to a wise mentor.

If you are a creative person, your creativity flows spectacularly in the summer months. Capitalise on that burst of creative inspiration. You could come up with new innovative projects, plans or ideas. Any seemingly off-the-wall ideas may not turn out to be so far fetched and could earn you money and/or recognition. Safeguard your ideas or inventions. Patent or copyright them.

Love life is calm in general. So calm that it may need an injection of energy or enthusiasm! It all depends on what you really want.

More than usual travel is in store for you. Some for work and some for fun. You may even be able to achieve your dream of going somewhere you have always wanted to go to, but have not been able to do so yet. A great year for cultural pursuits too .


Ideas abound in the early part of this year for you. So many that you could lose some of them if you don't jot them down. After these exciting ideas come and you have written them down, wait a while before you act on them as some of them need some tweaking. Share them with a trusted friend, partner or mentor to get some feedback. Pick a positive person and not someone who will put a negative spin on what you have to offer.

Your sexual attractiveness sparkles and you may have to fend off the admirers. Be selective. Those who are in partnerships already may be tempted to stray. Think twice. Think well before you could sabotage something good for something which is like a bubble.

Travel, foreign cultures and exotic places beckon . Make a list and chose the ones from the top. You can't go everywhere. Lack of time to do all you want to do this year is your biggest challenge. So prioritise.

For some of you, family demands are very irksome and you have to be like a diplomat for fear of offending some of them.

Getting in or near water is very beneficial for you at this time. Swim, go sailing or just have some time by the sea. Mindfulness and meditation could not only benefit you but are necessary to keep you in a state of equilibrium.


Music and dancing could be your best therapy if you are feeling a bit low or dispirited after the new year celebrations. If you can't find the time to attend a dance class or to go dancing, just put on some music and dance around your bedroom or living room. You will be amazed at how it helps to de-stress you.

For many of you it is a year of love and romance, especially for the unattached. And for those already in partnerships there is a re-kindling of passion.

It looks like a year of working hard and playing hard . Work seems more than usually demanding and some of you may feel that you are not being paid enough for the amount of work you do. If you do not feel valued, maybe it is time to change your job. If you are self employed, look at ways of working smarter not harder.

This is a great year for new health regimes for you. Healthier eating and better exercise. Also making sure that you have breaks built into your schedule ; It is counter productive not to .

The year of the Dog is certainly looking like a year to remember for you. Just don't overdo things.


Some say that the year of the Dog is not always good for dogs, but my Spirit guides say differently. This year anyway, looks very good indeed for most Dog people . It is very much a year in which you can make it good for yourself.

Read the Self-help books or watch the YouTube clips on Positive Thinking. Get in a Positive frame of mind. You can make a major shift if you put your mind to it.

If you have time over the CYN holiday period, start to have a good deep-down think about what you want from this year. Make a list of your goals and desires and send them out there into the universe. Make a Vision Board. (If you don't know what a vision board is, google it) . The money you seek and the love you seek are there waiting for you to claim from the universe.

For many Dog people this year, it is a year of growing up. Stop being a victim to so called Fate and Destiny. Design your own life. YOU are in charge. Stop passing the buck to some unseen force . YOU are the force. It is IN you. Recognising this, you can truly make a massive shift forward in this year. You may call in your Spirit guides or angels to help you.

Family celebrations cheer you up a lot and the success of other family members brings joy. There may be new additions to some families .


A year in which money comes and goes. You will be glad to hear that more comes than goes ! Just when a nice big lump of cash comes along, so does a big bill soon after. You could easily feel deflated or dispirited by this, but remember, there is more on it's way. Like the tide, it goes in and goes out. So does our breath. If we held on to our breath we would die, but we let it go in the certain knowledge that more will come in. Your money supply is just like that in the year of the Dog. And by the end of the year you will be better off than you started.

For most of you, Love life is juicy, funny and exciting. Look for the fun element. Don't get into the drama. There really is no need to. If your 'other-half' wants to get all dramatic, let them. It takes two, so if you don't play that game , it won't work. Walk away, let them cool off and when you come back , point out the lighter side of the situation.

There are new additions to the family for many of you and also perhaps the passing of a much older person. Old friends you haven't seen in years come back into your life bearing gifts that money can't buy.

A very good year for moving to a new location. If your location is stale, a fresh new place is just what you need and this is the year to make that happen.


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