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With the guidance of Kwan Yin and my Spirit Guide Master Ho, I have downloaded some insights for The Year of The Pig. It is my Joy and Pleasure to share them with you. Click on for your own particular sign.


This is the Year of the Earth Pig

Year of the Pig 2019 : a year of fortune and luck!


The Pig is in the last (12th) position in the Chinese Zodiac. You are a "Pig Chinese Zodiac native" if you are born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 .

The Pig is the last sign in the lunar zodiac cycle, before we come to the Year of the Rat on 24th January 2020. Thus it signifies the end of a 12 year cycle. Consequently it is a year of looking back and taking stock. Seeing the mistakes we made and what we actually learned from them. Also looking at the high points and successes during that cycle. We can then get a picture of what actually worked for us and what did not. It would therefore be very foolish to repeat the behaviour or actions that caused us pain and distress. Or even loss.

The year of the Pig emphasises security and money. In western culture, children are given 'piggy banks' - - - a pig shaped money box- - with a slit in the top through which to put in the money. And , also in western culture, when a man went out to work and to bring home money for his family, it was often said the he ' brought home the bacon' !

The year of the Pig is certainly a year with great emphasis on money and security. Lessons learnt in the past must now be put to good use, not to be frugal, but careful, and to avoid excess. Hard work pays off . Diligence and prudence are the key to advancement this year.

The year of the Pig is a good year for investments in solid things, such as precious metals , land, property or tangible resources. Read your particular sign for more specific detail.

Expect some political upheaval as the world re-shuffles its systems in preparation for 2020 and much change and realignment. Put down solid foundations in preparation for sweeping planetary changes in the coming years.



With Rat's clever and cunning business acumen, this year should be a very successful year for Rats in the business world. And particularly for Rats who are in food production or food trading of any kind. Also for Rats dealing in land or property.

For Rats generally in this year of the Pig it is advisable to stick to what you know and what you are good at. Not the best year to strike out into uncertain terrain. Gambling of any kind is not well favoured for you either. Play safe. The only area in which you can safely take any chances are in business and career that you already know well . Then with your usual Rat ability to turn challenge into success you will make great strides. If you stick to your speciality, you can see the money roll in.

And when that money rolls in, reinvest a major part of it. You could begin to build your empire !

Love life this year for Rats is full of variety. Admirers flock to you. Some who are not already attached, especially Fire Rats, can meet their soul mate. Water Rats need to watch for minor health issues.

You will find yourself doing more travelling than usual and could finally go to that place where you have always wanted to go, but never got the chance.



Get organised early in The Year of the Pig. Make lists. Make decisions. Get a very clear view of where you want to get to this year. Any indecision early in the year could have long term effects.

It would be to your advantage to sit down after the Lunar New Year celebrations and decide what it is you want to achieve this year. Plot your destination. Devise a plan. Then TAKE ACTION.

People born in the sign of The Ox who work in retail, in fashion, design, textiles or making of household goods have excellent opportunities to choose from this year. As do those who work in the medical world.

If your work is with money or banking you should also have an excellent year.

However, those whose work or business is connected with leisure or the travel industry would do well to check, check and check again before making long term decisions or plans.

Love life for those born in the year of the Ox does not look too exciting. This may be a good thing. Focus on the material side of your life rather than be distracted by romance or love affairs. If you are already happily committed , stay where you are and be glad. Don't rock the boat.

New babies and interests of children feature for many of you and there are many pleasant family events and celebrations.

LUCKY COLOUR: Dark blue.



Live up to your name and let the world see your fire and ambition. Now is a time for you to shine and to shout out to the world what you are capable of. Of course, be diplomatic about this and do not hurt the feelings of others, but be ready to leap forward and to really shine and succeed this year.

Money comes easily. Money that is worked for. Not through gambling or games of chance. However, you can afford to take a few risks in business as the tides of heaven are propelling you forward.

Your sex appeal in this coming year is high. So be careful that you are not tempted to do anything rash, especially if you are already in a committed relationship as you could really get your fingers burnt. And be careful not to fall for flattery.

It is a very good year for you to move either your workplace or where you live. If you intend to remain where you are , especially in your place of work, you would do well to have someone take a fresh look at the Feng Shui of the place as recent earth changes may have caused some disruption in the energy flow.

Taking a trip early in the year will provide nice surprises and new ideas.

LUCKY COLOUR : Yellow or Gold.



Rest. Relax, all is well. There is no need for you to panic or to feel that you have to get moving immediately the Lunar New Year holiday has ended. Ease yourself gently back into your everyday routine.

The time for you to get going is in the summer months. Then you will find that the universe is offering you new opportunities , especially in work related areas. Your past endeavours pay off at last. And for those of you who have felt stuck or blocked, it is in the summer months that your life gains momentum. Unexpected opportunities come your way. What you expect may not happen. What you don't expect will. And it will all be for your greater good.

Single Rabbits could meet their soul mate this year and for many of you marriage or commitment is likely. Let go of rigid expectations of who or what you want. You could be limiting yourself. The universe knows what it is doing and there are good surprises in store.

This is a great year for Rabbits who are creative. So write that book, paint that picture or really follow wherever your creative ideas and urges are leading you. You are being inspired.




For those born in the Year of the Dragon, the year of the Pig requires you to make changes and to 'think outside the box'. Be daring. Be innovative. Let go of your old ideas and old limitations. You are better than you think you are and this year gives you the chance to prove it.

It may be a good time for you to take a look at how you dress. Your clothes and how you present yourself are other peoples first impression. Now is a good time to be a little more daring with colour. Maybe have a colour consultation with a colour counsellor. Or ask your friends. How about changing your hairstyle while you are at it?

If there is a place you have always wanted to go to, this is the best year ever for you to see that dream come true. Don't limit your self by limited thoughts or beliefs, there is always a way. Practice Positive Thinking. You do realise that your beliefs create your reality , don't you!

Let go of those people in your life who drag you down. Let them go gently and with love. Just gradually move back from them and don't be so easily available . That will give you more time to be around those who love and support you.

If you are an investor, take a look at buying some antiques. Or what could be the antiques of the future. Art is also a good area of investment for you.




The year of the Pig is a year for Snakes to tread warily in relationships. Be careful that you are not taking loved ones for granted. Praise them a little more and find some good points in them that you can really appreciate and then show that appreciation. That advice applies not only to romantic partners but to close family members. Have a little think about the people who are important to you and ask yourself if you are taking them for granted.

For those born in the year of The Snake, who are Self employed or running your own business, you should see yourself far better off at the end of the year than you were at the beginning. Re-invest in your business and look at ways of expanding. Try new products.

Employed Snakes, especially those who may be employed in government related jobs can expect some challenges because of changes in upper management. Just keep your head down and wait for the storm to pass. It will .

Those employed in service industries can expect positive change and some of you will receive promotion.

This is a great year for travel and for fun and leisure for you, Make the most of it, you have worked for it, so enjoy it.

LUCKY COLOUR. Silver and Light Blue


It is time you thought a little more about the Spiritual aspects of your life. Remember, you are not just a human trying to be spiritual, you are actually a spiritual being experiencing a human existence. So as you get more connected to your inner spirit, that spark of the divine that lies within your heart, you will find that your life is blessed in so many more ways.

Your creativity shines and even if you think that you are not usually a creative person, you will find this year that you are brimming with creative ideas.

It is a great year for sport for those who are born in the year of the Horse. And, if you are someone who engages in competitive sports you will find that you win more than ever. Travel and Adventure are part of this year for you, so do not be afraid to step beyond your comfort zone.

When it come to love and romance, many of you will decide to put your relationships on a more permanent footing and single Horses will have choice of partner. Choose well. Do not hurry. Get to know them well before making a long term commitment.

Family could be more than usually demanding. Do learn to say 'No' sometimes, reserve some of your energy for yourself . Otherwise, by around September-October you could find yourself drained and susceptible to germs and bugs.



Just after the holiday period and before you get back into normal routine, take stock. Take a look back at the last few years and give yourself credit for your achievements. Realise how much you have learned and how many challenges you have overcome. You are so much better than you think you are and it is now time to see that survival spirit that you have got.

As you look back, you will also see what things you do not need to ever do again. And make yourself a promise to respect, love and honour yourself much, much more. As you do so, you will find that others will begin to see you in a new light and will respect you much more too.

If your one-to-one personal love relationship is not one that is honouring you, do something about it. Stop being a victim. Victims allow life to happen to them, Masters make life happen. If you need to do a course in Self Esteem, then do it.

Education of any kind is good in this year, it would be a great year to add a new qualification to your resume. Or to just learn something for the fun of it, like art or a new language. Keep your brain stretched and exercised just like you exercise your physical muscles.

Inheritance, windfalls or winnings all look good for you. Receive gratefully. The universe wishes to reward you.

LUCKY COLOUR. Rose pink or Red.


After the excesses of the holiday period, it may be a good time for you to adopt a new exercise or eating regime....or both! You have a busy year coming up so will need to be fit and energetic. Take responsibility for your health and fitness. After all, it is down to you. A detox is also worth thinking about.

Money comes and goes in the year of the pig for you and at some times you may feel like you are juggling. Do not worry about it, it is like the tide of the sea, in and out. As it flows out, be assured that it will flow back in again. More than not worry. Relax.

This would be a great time for you to engage in meditation and to make a special pledge or promise to yourself to do it every day. As you sit still in meditation, ideas will flow. You will also find that your dreams are more vivid and exciting in the year of the Pig and you could find yourself downloading lots of exciting ideas. Keep a notebook and jot the ideas down before they dissolve and fade away.

Do not mess around in your love life and personal relationships. The other person will not stand for any disrespect and will certainly not tolerate dishonesty. You may not mean to be dishonest but you may be bending the truth a little. It won't work!

Employed Monkeys are in for an excellent year with promotions and/or bonuses for many of you. It is also a great year if you wish to change your job. And Self Employed Monkeys should think of expanding your business.

LUCKY COLOUR: Rainbows of colour. Or just Green



You will have a lot to crow about in the year of The Pig. Be careful of getting too cock-sure or being arrogant. You could alienate work colleagues. Keep reasonably, not entirely, quiet about some of your successes to avoid incurring jealousy. But at the same time , be proud of your achievements for your own sake as you deserve them.

Any of you who are doing exams this year should see a great degree of success. And , if you are aspiring to a position of leadership, your chances are above average. Remember too, the responsibility that goes with leadership.

You have a lot of wisdom to pass on this year and younger people will look to you for guidance. By the same token, you can learn a lot from the elders around you.

If you are thinking of relocation, it would be best to wait for a few months. Do not be hasty. There is no need to be. The right location will present itself at the right time and you will be glad that you did not act in haste.
Link in to your inner guidance through meditation and mindfulness. Listen to your heart.

You heart should be happy in the year of the Pig as people want to show their love to you. And for the heart free, new admirers appear on the scene .

LUCKY COLOUR. Electric Blue


Get set, get ready. You have a busy year ahead. Busy in a nice way, both in work and in your social and personal life. In fact, it could be quite an eventful year and one that you will look back on with fond memories. Take lots of photos, to help you to store all the happy memories that you can create in the year of the Pig . Especially as there could be many happy family celebrations for quite a few of you. And happy holidays for many others.

For so many of you, it is a year of play and fun. The only danger is in getting too frivolous and neglecting your work or business. So keep reminding yourself to keep a sense of balance. Especially if you are self employed or have your own business. Remember your responsibilities . And remember to be Self disciplined.

The year of the Pig is also a good year for many of you to eliminate bad habits or self sabotaging addictions. Get help if you feel you need to. It will release you from bondage and accentuate the sense of fun and freedom that this year is all about for you.

Love life looks sparkling for many of you. And brings out your inner flirtatious side. Just be careful not to play with fire. Think. Think , before you leap into something just because its exotic or exciting.

Watch your health. Especially avoid over indulgence.

LUCKY COLOUR. Deep Purple.



Ha. Ha! It is YOUR year. Never mind what others say about the fact that the year of the Pig may be unlucky for Pigs. You will prove them wrong. So many fortuitous stars are lining up for you that for the majority of you it should be a brilliant year.

So, keep positive, keep that smile on your face and sally forth with confidence and optimism. Remember, a positive attitude brings positive results. And also remember to keep 'an attitude of gratitude' . Everything in physical existence is energy. Energy vibrates. The vibration of gratitude is on a very high frequency so it will attract other high frequency situations , people and events into your life. Try it and see . It is science, not superstition.

The biggest challenge for many of you is trying to avoid over indulgence. ( Don't make a pig of yourself or pig out !) It won't be easy as it looks like you have a lot of treats and temptations coming your way.

Money is attracted to you this year. In fact, many of you become real money magnets. For those of you who don't feel like you are becoming money magnets, take a look at your attitudes and beliefs. Maybe you are sabotaging yourself . This positive thinking idea is not easy as it requires vigilance and dedication, but after a while it just becomes normal.

And Pigs who cheat in love this year will attract very unpleasant consequences. There could even be legal implications. Faithful Pigs enjoy contentment. Single Pigs have a lot of fun.

This is a year in which old or even forgotten friends or acquaintances turn up unexpectedly. And there will be many joyful re-unions. Old wounds caused through misunderstandings can be healed and karmic records set straight.


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