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Quantum ReCoding Evening

7pm to 9.30 pm

Tuesday 18th February

In BATH £35



Spend a day with 'The Angel Lady' of Bath

Anne aka Acushla

Saturday 2nd May






Anne/Acushla has been working as a Psychic Consultant for 37 years. She is known world wide and has a large and loyal following. She is respected for the accuracy of her insights and her no-nonsense approach in helping her clients with their problems. See her Testimonials.

Her approach is a loving one and ,even if she sees something negative or challenging in a reading, she will always give some guidance on how to overcome the problem and will suggest an alternative and more satisfying reality.

If you are at a crossroads and don't know how to go forward, or you have been through a major life challenging situation or loss, Acushla will connect with her Spirit guides or yours to find the necessary advice. Her main guide is a very ancient Chinese sage called Master Ho. She is also guided by Kwan Yin, Jesus, Mary Magdalen and Saint Germain. She sees Angels and communicates with them.

Over the years Anne/ Acushla has been on a variety of Self Help Courses and Transformational courses and workshops. Using these tools together with her intuition and spiritual connections , she can guide you to the optimum path forward in your life.

Author of the book 'Reading Your Child's Hand' , Anne has been consulted by Recruitment Companies to use hand reading as Personality Profiling. Hand and Fingerprint analysis is invaluable for identifying talents, gifts and challenges in Children's hands, thus enabling parents and carers to steer the child towards being all they are capable of being . She has co-authored the book 'Discover the Innate Potential of Children' with Marianne Volonte .

Quantum Re-Coding is a 21st century healing technique that re-codes Low Self-Esteem; Poverty Consciousness; Difficulties in Personal Relationships; Unwanted Habits & Addictions; Youthing versus Ageing; and Vibrant Health versus Illness - IN MINUTES!

Based on the discoveries of Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr. Paul Dennison, Psych K, and others, Quantum Re-Coding is a 21st century healing technique that can revolutionise your life by updating those outdated codes of behaviour with positive, appropriate alternatives. Quantum Re-Coding overwrites innate limiting beliefs with positive outcomes - in minutes!.............Read more



Psychic Readings

Acushla is available for one-to-one personal readings at her home in Bath.

You may make an appointment by phoning 01225 425117

Please phone at reasonable times; after 9am and before 8pm Monday to Saturday

Just picking up the phone and calling Acushla can save you lots of too-ing and fro-ing with emails !

If you live abroad or are too far away to get to see Acushla in person, you may have a phone or Skype reading with her and pay with Paypal. You first need to contact her by email to arrange a mutually suitable time. readings@acushlasangels.com

How do phone readings work ? As clairvoyance and psychic insight works outside of the limitations of time and space (in the non-local, non-linear reality) phone readings work very well.

TEL: +44-1225-425117 ---- E-mail : readings@acushlasangels.com


Copyright 2012 © Anne Hassett    














ANNE HASSETT who has been psychic since childhood, chose the name ACUSHLA for her psychic work , to honour her Celtic origins and to have a name in keeping with her mission in life, which is to heal.The word Acushla in Gaelic means 'Pulse' (of the heart) or 'love' in the sense of compassion

Clients come from all over the country, and from parts of Europe, to see her in Bath, where she has been based for thirty five years. She regularly travels to several countries in Europe and has worked in America, Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East, and Far East. She has featured on TV and radio, and in many international newspapers and magazines. She counts many celebrities and media stars among her clientele







also you will find recommended Books by other Authors.


Anne's /Acushla's latest book 'The Power of Saying F**k it' is a hugely spiritual book, despite its rather naughty title, and it can change lives if the principles in it are put into practice. £6.50 plus p&p.

Anne is also the author of a delightful book 'Angel Whispers': messages channeled from the angels. £6.00 plus P&p.

Her latest book 'Dynamic Ageless You' is now available. It is a book about getting older without ageing ; a meeting of Ageless Wisdom and Quantum physics. She has an accompanying C.D of the same title to assist you with changing your mind-set. £4.50 plus p+p.

You may order directly from Acushla or from Amazon. (Except for Reading Your Child's Hand. Amazon only)

Email Acushla at readings@acushlasangels.com to order any of the above.



The hugely popular C.D of BEAUTIFUL ANGEL MEDITATIONS The Love of The Angels reaches out to us all. Now you can connect with them through the exercises in these meditations .All the words for these meditations were channeled directly from the Angels by Acushla. Apart from private use by clients, this CD is very often used by therapists for workshops. It has been very successful at a Danish hospice and is now being used at a home in Somerset for people with mental problems. The healing of the angels comes across so strongly in this CD.

Track1. Chakra Clearing Meditation.
The exercise in this meditation help to raise your vibration, by clearing negativity from the chakras, thus making it easier to connect with the angels.

Track 2 .Meet your Guardian Angel.
This beautiful meditation takes you on a journey to meet your very own Guardian Angel

Track3. Receiving healing from Archangel Raphael.
Now you will be taken on a guided journey to the Temple of Healing, to receive healing from Archangel Raphael for yourself and others.

Track 4. Time for yourself.
No words, just beautiful, healing, angelic music to relax to.



A C.D to accompany Anne's book of the same name: (A FAITH-lift for you!)

This relaxing and soothing C.D will take you in to a place of receptivity to hear Anne's words which give you a Faith-lift. Change your beliefs and you change your biology. A shift in our beliefs can extend our life span and revolutionise our ideas about ageing.


































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